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The Challenges Of Changing Career And How To Overcome Them

Change always creates a feeling of anxiety and stress. We are programmed to stay in what feels safe. It is a biological scientific clue that people avoid change in fear of survival. Therefore it is expected to find problems along the way. Still, in our time this is not taboo. Society changes rapidly compared to older times and so do people. Thousands of people have changed their careers and some of them have not only done it once. Many times it is people who used to be successful in what they did and they only changed their profession because they were not satisfied and not because they didn’t have a choice. It is a brave decision and many obstacles will appear on the way. However, there are things you can do to reduce your fears. As long as you are prepared for this, you become a success in your next career.

Let’s see the details of this challenge.

  1. No expertise no money – build your financial plan​
    At the first steps of your new life, you need to have a basic perspective of how you are going to move in the first few months. Changing a profession most of the time means you turn to something you have not been trained for and perhaps you don’t even have a degree. In addition, lack of previous experience in the particular sector will make things harder for negotiating your salary. To avoid the fear of being overwhelmed with this important issue you have to quit your present job calmly. If you don’t have money to pay the bills you will get a panic attack. Think wisely before moving to impulsive decisions and take the time to make a sustainable financial plan that will help you overcome the anxiety.
  2. Lack of clear direction – seeking guidance from mentors
    Some people leave their jobs because they want to follow their dream and some people leave their jobs to escape unpleasant situations. It might not even be their choice to leave a job. Those people are probably unaware of the next step. Professional help can save you time and trouble. Even those who seem to have a more solid picture of what they want may need a hand to help them go to the next level. For example, a person who wants to open his own business can use the advice of an expert for his business plan. As long as you don’t have the experience to figure out what you have to do, you should be open to help from others.
  3. Anxiety and the support of your family and friends
    The psychological part may be the heaviest part to deal with. Stress may hit its top levels and you may even experience sleep disorders. Leaving your comfort zone demands a whole new mindset and you will never be prepared unless you do the first step. We recommend you don’t do this alone. Turn to your family and friends to communicate your fears and thoughts. Find those who can be supportive and let them provide a piece of advice. Perhaps, people who have followed the same path before you can be more understanding. Inspiration is the key to motivation. Besides, people who are brave enough to change their profession are inspiring either way.
  4. No colleagues or related references – create a network
    Another vital part has to do with the lack of people who know you and can recommend you to others. Here, you have to work a lot on your social skills as well as build a proper profile in all related social media. Starting from Linkedin which is the most famous, you will need to pay attention to writing a killing CV and focus on the positive parts of your previous jobs. If you have left your work on good terms with your superiors they will be happy to write a nice recommendation letter for you. You can ask them to highlight the skills that will help you with your next job in an attempt to focus on getting the job. When the time of the interview comes you will prepare a good speech about why you left your previous career. Besides, people in HR will appreciate your decision to work on something you like and they will consider it a big plus to your performance.

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