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Cities To Live In Canada And Spend

Canada is a peaceful and safe place to live in. The northern border of the United States and the southern border of Alaska, another state of the United States, Canada is an excellent country to live in. The strength of its currency is a little weaker than the US dollar, so in order to have an attempting job offer, you will have to be offered a considerable annual salary. The housing is not quite affordable either.

The article below will give you a sense of what to expect. The country is not a tourist paradise, although it does offer some exciting recommendations regarding ski resorts, but it is ideal for working. There will not be many fancy activities that will distract you from work. However, it is perfect for families and people who seek a stable lifestyle in a country with an organized structure. It has two official languages, English and French, that both carry equal status. The cold climate makes it hard for people to live in the North part, so most big and interesting cities are in the South. The opportunities there are abundant, and people seem to choose them more often. Below we have listed five of the most luxurious cities to live, work, and grow your family.

  1. Vancouver
    Vancouver is in the West part of South Canada, facing the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be the largest urban area in western Canada. With a population of around 2,5 million people, it is the third crowdest city in the country. The search for gold back in 1860 led the Europeans to colonize the Freezer and Karibou rivers and the area that we now call British Columbia. The city’s name took its name from the British explorer and seaman George Vancouver who traveled around the area. The city provides all kinds of luxuries in a civilized manner without extravaganzas.
  2. Toronto
    Toronto is the biggest city in terms of population with over 2,5 million people living across its borders. It is more cosmopolitan than Vancouver, and it is conveniently located in the central point of ”The Golden Horseshoe”. The area is the home for one quarter of Canada’s population, while one out of six Canadians works within Toronto’s borders. The current City of Toronto was created in 1998 by merging five regional municipalities with the Toronto Metropolitan Municipality. The average home prices here are somewhere around 1 million dollars, and the diversity of the city attracts immigrants who seem to feel at home.
  3. Ottawa
    Ottawa city is built close to the Ottawa river and is the capital of Canada. It is a lot smaller compared to Vancouver and Toronto, with less than 1,5 million population. It is in the west part of the country again in the south region. Until the first half of the 19th-century Algonquins, the native people of the area lived peacefully in Ottawa, taking advantage of the fertile land close to the river. In the early 1800s, European came to the city and started working on logging and timber trade, transforming the place into a rich colony. The city is close to Montreal and Toronto, giving a chance to its inhabitants to travel to other cosmopolitan places.
  4. Calgary
    Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, and home prices there drop at a little less than $500,00. The landscape reminds you of the wild west, and the Rocky mountains are waiting for you to climb them. It is a terrific destination for people who want to work in the engineering and energy industries, as well as agriculture. It also provides outstanding ski resorts. It is a lovely city with a sense of uniqueness during summer and springtime that will undoubtedly attract more people in the future.
  5. Montreal
    Montreal, the second-most populous city of Canada, is practically an island over the river of Saint Lawrence. It is close to New York City, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec. The lakes and rivers around the city make it an ideal destination for autumn vacations when the leaves from the trees fall and provide a magnificent view to the tourists. Considering its climate, which is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, you might want to rethink the option of going there to live. However, it is for sure, a decent choice for traveling.

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