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The Challenges New CEOs Face At The Beginning Of Their Career

Being a CEO is quite prestigious but it always comes with a price. The challenges most of these people have to face are constant and unless they compromise with the reality, serious issues are about to come up. In a few words, one might say that this is a profession for an ambitious person who looks in the future. There is not a school to make you a CEO, so we would rather say it is a matter of talent. The details that one has to overcome though are important. In this article, we refer to some of what we consider as the most crucial aspects of challenge in this profession in an attempt to investigate whether or not you would like to work in such a responsible position.

  1. Supervising formerly equals
    People who get promoted for the CEO position in a company, have usually passed through other positions in the same company in the past. Therefore it is apparent that people who are now below them in terms of relationship used to be equal at some point during their career. Jealousy is a natural feeling rising from the outcome of your promotion. It is these same people, you will now have to give orders and expect them to fulfill the company’s expectations. CEOs will have to compromise with the fact that some of the people in their working area will dislike them or even try to harm their prestige. They will be on constant alert for competition waiting in the corner and formerly equals are most likely to attempt to take your job.
  2. Previous CEOs play a vital role
    When accepting a position new tasks arise. Most CEOs leave their position on good terms although this is not a rule. Most of the time they take the time to inform the upcoming executive members about all the details they need to know to make the transition as smooth as possible. However, you have to be prepared for probable surprises. A former CEO may want to be remembered as the only capable person in this position or even wreak revenge on other people inside the company by harming the future of the business. These kinds of situations can harm your image and make your work more difficult since you will have to figure out things on your own without any help from previously experienced members of the company.
  3. Making supporters unhappy.
    People who work in these positions often have to make hard calls that may leave others disappointed. They are very likely to be involved with the hiring and firing issues in the business and their opinion always counts. Let’s not forget that there are not a few cases where people who backed you up to get promoted expected to be benefited from your upcoming election. It is those people who now expect your support and the atmosphere at work can change immediately as soon as you make clear that you have a different plan for the company in the future. To keep alliances in control you can partially please people around you as long as you believe you implement your long-term plans. It is all a matter of politics and it is common knowledge for everybody who is associated with this profession.
  4. Being smooth with changes
    Most CEOs like their jobs. They are not in charge of the company just because it happened. Likely it is them who chased after this position and a good reason was that they like to be in control. So, the job has a lot to do with applying a whole philosophy that has an effect not only on the customers and sales but also on the way people work in the company. This is mostly associated with the concept of change and how open people are about it. The lately promoted CEOs see change as a tool to approach development easily. Still, this can’t be done in a very quick way. For the majority of the population change equals fear; fear of the unknown and new. What may be a fun challenge for you, can be a tricky game for others, so keep in mind that you will have to respect the unity of the group to have a successful team working for you.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - The Challenges New CEOs Face At The Beginning Of Their Career
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