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Special Gifts For Your Anniversary

All of us like to be spoiled from time to time and get some signs of appreciation from our other half. Anniversaries are a great opportunity to celebrate your love for one another and add special gifts to your collection. Especially for married couples chances for surprise are more valuable and well-received due to the exhaustion that everyday life’s burdens cause to people. The market is full of ideas with items you can give to your beloved partner and today we have some ideas specially designed for anniversary occasions.

  1. Custom star-maps
    It may sound silly but it is very romantic. Stars have been a symbol of love since always. People have given names to planets in early civilizations proving that staring at them was always a human habit. Custom star-maps allow you to design the map of the stars that used to exist up there on your special day. You can choose the day you had your first kiss, the day you got married or the day you realized you wanted to spend your lives with each other. The vital part is to pick a special day and show our couple how important this was for you. This is what is going to move them and the tool to make this be expressed in an elegant and classy way is a custom star-map.
  2. Personalized anniversary pushpin world map
    Having a world map in your home is lovely. It can remind you of all the cool places you’ve been to and act as an encouragement to make you plan your next adventure. The meaning of this map is that you can pin the places that you have been together with your partner representing that life is a journey that is better experienced when you are connected. For all of you who love traveling and find your lives being oriented to that direction, what a better way to praise your love for exploration than gifting a map? The map is elegantly designed and comes with your names and anniversary date printed, plus 100 pins to place them wherever you prefer.
  3. Recycled glass tree globes
    This is a special gift for a variety of cases. The artist Stephen Kitras has a bunch of creations from recycled glass that can assist you for the occasion of your anniversary. There are trees for relationships, friendship, motherhood, and brothers, etc. Stephen Kitras used the concept of a tree where many symbols can come out. Roots represent givers and everything that is associated with the past. Fruits depict the outcome of our efforts that provide us with useful resources. Flowers represent reproduction and love. Leaves are supposed to refer to survival and breathing while tree trunks play the role of the supporter.
  4. Art
    To make your husband or wife feel special a trendy idea would be to order a personalized piece of art. Kissing loving sculptures are a classic choice for those who want to give a note of affection and peace to their relationship. Paintings are also a safe choice. For couples of younger ages, other types of art can be selected. A new edition of your wedding video shows that you went into the trouble to search carefully on how to please your other half. It can also be an audio from a karaoke night that you removed the noise from and transformed it into a nostalgic memory; a gesture that can only be appreciated.
  5. Personalized anniversary journal
    This is a present that holds promise for a long-lasting future. It is a book of fine quality paper that can host your memories from the first to the 60th anniversary. Even if the first years have passed, you can fill the blank pages with the memories of how you spent the previous anniversaries. At the same time, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming years feeling anxiety about how the rest of the book will be covered.
  6. Rememory game
    Not trying to be nostalgic, but our last recommendation is a card game where the participants take three cards to make them recollect a memory. The purpose of the cards is to lead you on how to travel in the depth of your mind and help the other person know you better. They practically ask you ”with whom” and ”when” the memory was created adding questions like ”what was the accomplishment?” If your lover is playful, we suggest you give them the alternative to this fun game.

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