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Remote Work – A Win-Win Situation For Everyone

Working remotely can be highly challenging for many people. The workstyle of working from home became a trend right after Covid-19 appeared as an existing problem in all modern societies. However, it is almost certain that the working conditions will never return to the point they were before the pandemic showed up. Most companies see a positive effect on the business’s expenses. Fewer people working in the office means less need for renting buildings and fewer expenses overall. Since work can be done from home as well many business owners don’t find the reason why they should return to their old routine. What about the employees though? Is this situation good for them?

Today we will have a look at all the positive effects

  1. A positive effect on the environment
    Going to your office to work is an everyday routine. The amount of fuel that is spent to go to work and the carbon footprint on the planet from the emissions of our cars are. Scientists claim that even though the pandemic was a disaster for most economies and it costed human lives, it sure gave a breath for the planet earth and the vegetation that struggles to stay alive and produce oxygen for all living creatures. A picture of China from the satellite right after the lockdown started was impressive. The atmosphere had completely cleared up. Of course, this was also a result of factories closing for a while, but transportation also played a vital role.
  2. Fewer expenses for all parts
    Not moving from home means you don’t have to pay for gas as much and this is not a small thing. And this works for both employers and employees. Employers can also avoid the expenses of renting space as we mentioned above. Besides, you have to remember that the cost of gas is not the same all over the world. There are countries where paying for fuels is a big source of trouble for people. The route from home to office is something that has to be done 25 days per month and around 270 days per year. You don’t even want to think what comes up in the money if you add it all together.
  3. Higher productivity
    According to most analysts productivity shows an increase for people who work from home. The fact that they can do more frequent and small breaks affects their performance. Another crucial parameter that leads to this result is the lack of coworkers who may distract you from work from time to time. When working in the office employees are surrounded by colleagues that often find an opportunity to take a break and discuss with others. This means that many workers do breaks even when they don’t need to. Working remotely most of the time means working alone and this is translated to higher productivity.
  4. Freedom in traveling
    Working remotely makes it easier to work at your own pace. It is also, quite probable that you will determine where you will work from. The house is not the only option. On the contrary, you can travel and bring your computer with you. You may even decide to stay in a different country for a period of time and refresh your habits and psychology.
  5. A true time-saver
    People who can work remotely are often those who work with a computer. Many of those people usually live in the city where traffic and distances can be serious trouble. Think of big cities like L.A, New York, New Delhi, and Tokyo. Going from home to work and vice versa is almost impossible to last for less than an hour and a half. If you were paid for all this time you spend in the car you could have a 20% raise in your salary. Can you imagine what a waste of time this truly is?
  6. Flexibility
    We saved the most effective to be the last one. Nothing can be compared to the luxury of determining your horarios. Clearly, there is a certain time when you start working every day, but still, you can adjust most of your daily activities accordingly. Taking kids from school and doing some things in the house are a part of the plan. A healthier lifestyle can even be adapted when you have the ability to prepare meals and eat them properly.

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