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Sorting the fluff from the substance when it comes to digital marketing

Digital marketing is one industry that can easily be accused of talking ‘fluff’ and making ‘grandiose’ claims without the evidence to support it and for those who engage with an agency, it is something they take away from their interactions way too often.

Digital is an industry full of buzzwords but not necessarily a whole lot of action. This can make it a very confusing space for business leaders who are desperate to put effective digital campaigns in place – which have become more important than ever during COVID.

For those who want to ask the right questions that lead to the delivery of the online solutions they need, the key is to seek out those whose expertise in digital go far deeper than clever phrases and taglines. You want insights from those who can demonstrate tangible deliverables – and by that, I mean data, evidence, takeaways and ROI.

Revolutionising your brand through digital marketing

At Digital Eagles, we are lucky enough to work with solar power advocates, Energy Matters. As one of the fastest-growing aggregators for solar retailers and installers across Australia, the brand has made it their mission over the last two years to refresh its position and reputation in the industry, following a transition of management from its previous brand to the brand that exists today.

The problem

The beginning of the project presented several hurdles for both the Digital Eagles team and Energy Matters. Predominantly, we were all presented with the challenge of rehauling a brand that had seen negative PR and reviews from previous management decisions and failure of new service offerings.

Understandably, with a new leadership crew in place, the new team wanted to rehaul Energy Matters’ image and brand in every possible way.

So how could we, with all our digital marketing knowledge, expertise and insights, help Energy Matters take their worn and torn image and transform it into something action-driven, profitable and positively positioned?

Despite the challenges of refreshing the brand image, the company still prided itself on an extensive history of trusted installations throughout the country, something it still excels in today.

The Digital Eagles mission 

We set out on an approach to overhaul all aspects of digital marketing for Energy Matters, kickstarting the process with a thorough audit of their online presence. This included identifying multiple opportunities and highlighting issues that required our talented technical team’s attention.

The solution

Through our initial audit, our search engine optimisation (SEO) and backend specialists were instantly able to discover bugs on the Energy Matters website that were causing significant setbacks for Energy Matters’ ability to gain online traction. Beyond this, core groups of keywords were a huge opportunity for us to target, so we were instantly motivated to redefine all aspects of brand awareness through a solid SEO campaign.

Working through these first steps gave us perspective and insight into what we were dealing with and brought to life many unexpected realisations for Energy Matters. For instance, we knew straight away that our strategy would utilise the following elements:

  • Backlink diversification
  • A comprehensive on-page SEO implementation program
  • Ongoing authority building
  • A well-rounded, timely content marketing campaign
  • Website conversion optimisation and redesigns

This all sounds impressive but remember my earlier warning. We are an industry of fluff and what really matters is the tangible and by that, I mean the results.

Through careful collaboration with Energy Matters, we achieved a whole range of wins and accomplishments from a digital marketing perspective. Working alongside their CEO Roshan Ramnarain and his senior management, our strategy and technical team embarked on a journey that saw both sides of the table come together and join forces – and we believe that’s truly the essence of the results we achieved.

As Roshan himself described it as “one of the best relationships we could have had, from SEO, social media, web development, they were absolutely incredible.”

The numbers behind the digital marketing strategy for Energy Matters:

  • 27% increase in organic leads
  • 40% decrease in bounce rates through driving intent-heavy traffic through to the website
  • 27% increase in organic revenue
  • All original KPIs set for the campaign exceeded

Making the right choice for digital marketing

Given there is a crowded market of digital agencies to choose from, most very adept at saying the right things and appearing as they are a market expert who can bring your brand forward, how do you sift the substance from the fluff?

With over 15 years of experience in the field, I have worked with hundreds of business owners on thousands of campaigns and the best advice I can give is to seek an answer to the below five questions when assessing agencies.

  • What has been the most successful campaign you’ve run, and why?
  • What can you do to help develop specific KPI’s or measure of success to ensure that we are successful with this campaign?
  • If you were in my position and had the responsibility to achieve the outcome that I have briefed you on, what would you do?
  • What’s the biggest digital trend you’re excited about right now?
  • What do you feel are the biggest areas of opportunity in digital marketing in 2021?

You will tell immediately those who struggle to respond, or simply do not have an answer to the above, which will help you quickly sort those who are all fluff and no substance from the rest, greatly enhancing your chances of a successful campaign – one that is built for your organisation.

Written by Ryan Jenkins.
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