Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Big Picture

The Richest 1% Of U.S. Households Saw Their Net Worth Rise By $4 trillion

The richest 1% of Americans saw their net worth rise by $4 trillion in 2020 (or captured about 35.2% of the extra wealth generated nationwide), according to the latest data available from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The poorest half of the population, by contrast, got about 4% of overall gains ($470.6 billion).

Widening wealth gaps: Richest U.S. households took the majority of the overall gains in 2020

  1. Top 1%
    Annual change: $4,028.3 billion
    Share: 35.2%
  2. Next 9%
    Annual change: $3,978.8 billion
    Share: 34.8%
  3. Next 40%
    Annual change: $2,969.2 billion
    Share: 25.9%
  4. Bottom 50%
    Annual change: $470.6 billion
    Share: 4.1%

Note: Number of households represented by the top 1% 1,277,564, next 9% 11,509,938, next 40% 51,158,278, bottom 50% 63,949,595.

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