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How To Stay Fit

Our current lifestyle doesn’t give a supportive background to stay fit and healthy. The long hours at work, accompanied by low-quality food in the market doesn’t give us many choices. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not just about the looks; it is about keeping our body active and being able to help ourselves deal with the challenges that appear in our lives. Our body is the tool to reach our spiritual goals and we have to respect the home that hosts our spirit and soul. Whatever we chose to do in our lives this is the vehicle to drive us there. Here, we have some suggestions on how to stay fit regardless of the difficult conditions.

  1. What comes in
    The world around us is full of resources available to feed our physical bodies. Unfortunately, the shelves of the supermarkets are full of junk food. Eating unprocessed food is highly recommended and if that means that you have to spend a little more time preparing your lunch you will have to do it. If you don’t have time for that hire someone to help you with things at home including cooking and give them strict orders about how you want your meals to be cooked. Also, staying hydrated is something you will hear from most nutritionists. However, recent research shows that as we often follow doctors’ advice we tend to get overhydrated. The key here is to drink water when you feel thirsty. The same way we shouldn’t overeat and eat only when we are hungry, the same way we have to drink water whenever we get thirsty. Follow your instinct and you will do what your body wants you to do.
  2. What comes out
    What comes in comes out. Once you consume all the food you need to provide your body with energy, you will get toxins inside that you will have to get rid of. Our body releases energy and toxins through our breath, our sweat, and excrements. To reassure all processes are working to your benefit you have to include some habits in your daily life. Working out fastens our breathing and makes us sweat. Working out and especially aerobic type of exercise helps a lot to release toxins and build a strong heart as well as the essential muscles. For the rest of the toxins’ release, you have to make sure your gut works properly. Eastern medicine supports that the health of our whole body depends on the health of our guts. Eat food rich in vegetable fibers and probiotics, such as yogurt.
  3. Additional parameters
    All this process has a funny way to interact. Sleep is an additional parameter that plays a significant role in the whole process. In addition, all of the stuff that we mentioned above have to be done at the right time. For example, you should avoid physical exercise before going to sleep since your whole body is in the process of relaxing. On the contrary, working out in the morning and especially running before you go to work is the perfect way to awaken the metabolism and continue your day with a positive mood. Regarding meals, keep in mind that the stomach has to stay empty for at least 12 hours every day to ”clean” the inner part of the body. Constantly adding food will not help. In addition, each meal should be after 3 hours to help digestion.

It may sound irrelevant to the previous discussion but believe it or not our minds and thoughts can even alter our health and physical condition. Meditation is the glue that will connect the intention with the result. Sometimes we may find ourselves trying hard in many directions and we get very poor results. Meditation will decrease anxiety levels that are harmful also to our body. Meditation is not a practice that has to be the same for everyone. If you are bored of guided meditation, you can simply spend a few minutes to rest. If doing nothing makes you feel uncomfortable you can help yourself by doing an activity that helps you relax. It can be cooking or even cleaning the room. The important thing is to decrease the cortisol levels in your blood to enjoy a restful sleep and help your body produce the right hormones.

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