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How To Recognize Commitment Issues

Our society is moving so fast that many people do not have space in their lives to meet and involve with other people, it is called commitment issues. Traditionally men tend to have them at a greater level compared to women, perhaps because they are not absorbed with the idea of having kids as much as women. Today we will discuss the signs you will see on these people and how to recognize them as soon as possible.

  1. They avoid introducing you to their family and friends
    If they don’t want to be in a long-term relationship why would they bother to make you a part of their reality? Introducing you to their family and friends is a part of letting you step into their world. In the case that they don’t want to get committed they probably don’t plan to be with you for a long time. It is apparent that they will not want to disturb the life of their social circle by announcing to them the introduction of an important person in their life. At the same time, they don’t want to get your hopes too high so they save everyone trouble.
  2. They don’t make future plans
    Not making plans is an indicator that someone doesn’t see the relationship seriously. To plan the future means that you have already thought and dreamed about it. Not to be misunderstood, let us clarify that we recognize the importance of living in the moment. They may be ok with going on a trip with you -which is something that requires planning – but if you try to point out to a more complicated direction like where will we be in a couple of months, it will be hard for them to give answers.
  3. They don’t spend much time with you
    They would rather be around with a bunch of their friends than chose to spend some quality time with you. The most innocent form this scenario may appear is when someone dedicates too much time at work. It is easy to confuse this behavior with the behavior of a hard-working ambitious person. Still, most of the time this only comes as an excuse to jump in a relationship with both feet and invest in other people.
  4. They avoid making it official
    In many cases, the deal is that having fun is great but if you insist on giving your relationship serious direction things become difficult for the other half. The idea that this may lead someone scares them away and they’d rather destroy something good than moving on to the next step. Putting a name into what you have is where the problem reveals itself. Calling it marriage or clarifying that you are seeing each other exclusively sounds like something that can upset them? Yeah, this person has serious problems when it comes to being committed.
  5. They haven’t had serious relationships in the past
    Although we often feel competitive about our partner’s serious relationships, the fact that they had some is a sign of maturity. If your relationship is going well up to a certain point it is possible that you will feel flattered to be the only one they have gone so far with. Perhaps the reason they haven’t done this at a younger age is that they struggle with commitment issues like many people in western society.
  6. They don’t share
    Even if they do all of the stuff we mentioned before it is important for others to be able to open up and share their feelings. They might talk about you to their friends and brag about the fact that they have you but if they are mean when they stay alone with you, maybe you should get worried. Trust is a significant sign of good communication between a couple. They may tell you stuff about their past but avoid admitting their present feelings about you and vice versa. Keeping the communication up to a physical level or up to the point where you share your opinions about particular issues such as your likes and dislikes is a situation where the couple – or at least one of you two – probably prefers to keep things on the surface.

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