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How To Promote Your Products On Social Media

Social media are a big part of your promotion and unless you have a professional working on them you have to put some effort to promote your products and services. The good news is that once you find how they work things will move on automatically.

  1. Be active
    The key rule to make a promotion in social media is to be present. People will not necessarily follow those they admire as they will focus on new posts. Posting is the way to feed people’s boredom with something to overcome the state where they are being bored. This is obviously, step number one, however, it is important because it demands a lot of discipline since you will need to spend serious time to be active in the groups.
  2. More pictures fewer words
    For the internet there is always a simple rule that has to take into mind; the quickest the better. The Internet has to do with scrolling down where thousands of information is being presented. The more compact you are the better for you. For example, Instagram has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. The fact that there are mainly photos posted on people’s accounts makes it super quick for someone to follow. As they say, one picture is a million words and this is more than true. One picture includes so much information for the user that makes it irresistible to them. Videos are also preferred compared to words. Even graphs could work better than a large text. Social media follow this rule more than any other platform on the web.
  3. People-centric content
    The content is important to catch people’s attention. It is important to use people-centric content and this is because people are more likely to identify themselves in stories that include other people. It is just more interesting for them. People don’t buy the product. They buy the effect that this will have in their lives. See how advertisers organize their content and you will get an idea of how you have to structure the content on your own page.
  4. Content with value
    Once you catch people’s attention it is important to give them something back. Social media is about building a communication bridge with your customers that will lead them to buy your product. To reach this point give them something back. Something that will make them laugh or let them know something new are both great ideas to maintain communication with your followers.
  5. Use as many platforms as possible
    Apart from being active on Instagram for example, you have to think that all users do not use the same platforms. Older people are more likely to have a Facebook account rather than an account on Instagram. You don’t wanna miss those clients. You don’t have to produce different content for each platform. To save yourself some time, just cross-promote your posts on all networks.
  6. Special promotions
    Conduct contests and special promotions to create buzz and generate traffic on your page. Encourage people to like your page to be a part of the content and win the prize. Ask them to share the competition with a friend. The technique is old and it is only a part of the general promotion you have to do to make your product known and help it stand out from the rest ones in the market. Remember social media marketing follows similar rules to common marketing.
  7. Partner with bloggers
    Bloggers are very hot nowadays and people follow them like crazy. Being an influencer can be a full-time job and it is quite vital for a company with new products to have this kind of advertising. Remember Bloggers will appear to guarantee the quality of the product to the audience, Is like having both a promotion and a review of your product by someone whose opinion counts more than other people’s opinion.
  8. Call to action buttons
    Invite people to ”learn more” or ”subscribe now.” All you need to do is ”get them in” and the rest will come along. Remember, it is probable that less than 50% of your visitors will end up leaving cash on your site however to win this 50% you have to attract all of them.

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