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Inner Thoughts That Prevent You To Reach Your Goals – How To Create A Network Of Success

Have you found yourself trying hard and still being unable to reach a certain goal? There is an explanation for that. And there is not only one single explanation that applies to everyone. Each one of us has different obstacles that have to overcome along the way.

  1. You are confused about your motivation
    That is a tricky one. The truth is, not everybody is ready to welcome success. Many people underestimate themselves and believe they are worth less than they do. This is actually a very common scenario. You sabotage yourself because you have accepted your failure without even trying. The idea that you will fail destroys the motivation. It is simple like you may admit to yourself: ”Since I am not going to make it, why should I even try?” Once you believe you have enough of what it takes to become successful you will find yourself walking magically to the road of success. For others, motivation works in another way. Some people think that once they reach their goal they will not have another motivation to work harder. As crazy as it may sound this perspective keeps people stuck at the same place.
  2. You think it is not fair for others
    A core sentiment that is familiar for many people is guilt. Whether you believe it or not many of your reactions are based on this feeling. Not only your reactions but even a whole attitude you may have towards particular issues in life may be based on that. For example, if you think that being rich means that other people are poor, this is automatically translated on your brain to a concept where you should not try to become rich. In other words, it is unethical for you to enjoy prosperity as long as other people do not have the same chance. However, you being poor will not help others overcome their poverty. On the contrary, the more wealthy you are the more capable you are to help others if you wish to.
  3. You are raised in an environment that led you to believe you are a follower and not a leader
    This is a common mistake many families do with their kids. This comes as a result of the parents’ agony to help their kids understand that everything you want in life you have to fight for. Taking this into consideration parents advise their young children to work hard and start low without using the benefits that their parents can provide them. As a concept, this is perfectly ok. However, the message is being missed along the way. Kids end up trying to prove their potential to their parents and they never take their life seriously. They are left with the feeling that they are always being tested or that they are always at the stage where they have to work hard without expecting big things in return. And this is where the game is lost. In the end, young people understand their obligations but they do not demand to get back in return what they are expected to get. This way you find yourself being a follower instead of being a leader and decide your own destiny.
  4. You are not willing to do whatever it takes to go where you want
    In this case, it is more probable that you don’t lack motivation and you are not lazy for any reason. The idea here is that you believe that having to do something does not justify certain behaviors and choices. This holds a great amount of truth however, in many cases changing your perspective may be one of the key factors to move on. To make this more clear, let’s take the example of someone who believes that family comes first. This person will probably not sacrifice time with his family to work for a tight deadline. Not judging if this mindset is right or wrong – cause there is really not a correct answer – we have to admit that this person’s beliefs will not allow him to evolve professionally. So if the goal is the career, the willingness to do what it takes is absent, regardless of the why and how you end up there.
  5. You don’t want to steal the thunder of those you love
    As we pointed out before, being successful has to do with how much you want it and whether you are ready for that. In many cases, the love you have for others is being translated into making them happy. People who believe that their environment will be jealous if they succeed in something push themselves to fail automatically. A healthy understanding of what love is and how much you can do for others is the first step to walk on your own path and go to your destination.

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