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Human History Since Day 1!

Do you think life nowadays is complicated? Well, you should only see how hard survival was for our ancestors. Today we will talk about how the human race managed to conquer the world and which challenges it has to deal with. As you will see, evolution played a crucial role but luck was on our side in many cases along the way. In this article, we will present all the details that fill in the gaps that are now scientifically explained. We hope you enjoy it.

  1. The first humans
    To start with, let’s talk a little bit about the history and when we say history we mean really old history. According to scientists the human race first appeared in the East part of Sub-Saharan Africa. From there humans who were at the time, nomads traveled to the upper part of Africa and crossed to Asia since at that time Africa and Asia were connected. From that point, people spread all over the area of what we today call Europe and Asia. In the beginning, they were mostly around the places that were close to the sea and especially rivers. The water from the rivers like the Nile, helped the ground become fertile. Areas close to rivers were providing vegetation for humans to survive and became very popular destinations. Watch out that we are still at the point where people change places from time to time to find food and they haven’t settled down in one place nor have they discovered agriculture.
  2. Americans and Australians
    A few thousand years after their appearance on the continental parts of the earth in Africa, Asia, and Europe, humans appeared in Australia and America. How did they get there? Did they travel from one of these continents or were they a result of evolution and were ”born” there just like they appeared in Sub-Saharan Africa? Scientists are clear about it. Humans traveled from Asia to these places. To be more precise, they traveled to Australia after they passed on to some of the islands of Indonesia. Other people reached America from the North part of Asia, where the distance was shorter. They went down to todays’ Canada and the United States and moved on to Central America.
  3. How did they cross the sea?
    What makes us so curious about these days is that since humans had not even discovered agriculture, how did they manage to cross the sea? They definitely didn’t have any kind of equipment like ships or small boats. So how did they go? Did they swim such a large distance? Well, the idea here is that at the moment a big part of the globe was still covered with ice including some parts of the oceans. Humans appeared to have walked over the ice and they accidentally crossed to other continents.
  4. Why did they leave in the first place?
    But what led those people to walk over the ice where there was no vegetation around? Nowadays, we can only assume what might have happened. In lack of motivation since there was no food, the other possible explanation is that fear led them to turn in that direction. Perhaps they had consumed all of the available supplies and they were also chased by stronger animals. Since they had no other place to turn they decided to go to the unknown and hostile icy environment. As history has shown, surprisingly they managed to survive.
  5. What about our genes?
    So, native Americans and Australians were the progeny of Asians. This is why they carry some common physical characteristics with Asians. The slanted eyes and the fewer hair on the skin are in perfect accordance with what today’s findings show about how people spread over the world. Of course, the fact that these races completely divided from Asia led them to build their own special characteristics to adapt to the new environment and turn into a fresh new race. So, we have Asians and their progeny and what we today call white and black people. Asians built their characteristics in order to survive in warm and humid climates, white people or the so-called Caucasians would have to survive the cold weather and colored people would have to survive in extremely warm and super dry environments.

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