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A Visionary Leader Oath

Oleg Konovalov

There is no need for a captain for a ship intended to stay in a port. The captain is needed to navigate across the rough seas. I was at sea myself and learned the tough way a serious lesson – I wouldn’t go on-board with a captain whom I don’t trust and who can’t clearly define why he leads people.

We don’t need visionary leaders to manage daily tasks in offices. We need leaders who can show people how their future will look, a clear direction to it, and who will lead them through challenges and struggles. This is where a true visionary leader’s duty and role step in.

Since the old days, those who are ready to step into the roles of acting for others and devoting all their efforts to serving others have solemnly sworn – knights, nobles, doctors, militaries, and even boy scouts. The oath is an unconditional promise to serve others beyond their own interests that is kept for life.

While stepping into a leadership position regardless of rank, one accepts an incredible responsibility to lead people into the future, impact their lives, and therefore, should think of this unconditional promise as a visionary leader oath.

The Oath of a Visionary Leader

I, (NAME), stepping into a leadership position, do solemnly swear that I will fully commit myself to my company, team and customers.

I’m grateful and honored for the privilege to lead people into the future using the best of my skills, abilities, competencies and knowledge, and promise:

1) My highest purpose is purposeful acting for and with people and for their needs. My team success and satisfaction is my biggest concern.

2) My role is to lead people into a prosperous future with benefits for everyone, show a clear direction to it and thus, stand firm on this path. My focus is on the bright future for others.

3) I will learn every day to lead and serve people better. I will learn about people and their needs and apply this knowledge daily by helping people. My knowledge and qualities are intended to complement and develop yours.

4) I appreciate and value the contribution of every team member. We are all the co-owners of a vision that we aim to achieve together. Appreciation allows space for new capacities needed for new achievements.

5) I appreciate and praise diversity. Our vision has no gender, race or age; its wealth comes from a contribution of everyone’s role.

6) I’m always present for you. I know your needs and will support you in your desires. I will always have time to listen to you to care better for you.

7) You may see the scars that I will get fighting for each and every one of you, but you will not see my wounds. My leadership is a commitment and sacrifice, not a show.

8) I breed winners and visionaries who conquer the future and make the world a better place. I’m a multiplier of your success and passion.

9) I encourage and support bold thinking and inspire others to think big.

10) I take and accept responsibility for all of these promises made today for the rest of my service.

Think for a moment – you are a true leader if you prepared to say these words in front of your people and live by these principles. Your leadership will be judged against your promises and the achievements of people led by you. You will be rewarded in accordance with the people’s growth and for developing such resources as shared vision, teamwork, trust, accountability, professionalism, and innovation.

Can you say this oath now in front of your team? I believe yes. You are ready if you made a firm decision to be a true visionary leader.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - A Visionary Leader Oath
Dr. Oleg Konovalov
Dr. Oleg Konovalov, author of THE VISION CODE: How To Create And Execute A Compelling Vision For Your Business, is a thought leader, business educator, consultant, and coach with over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting with Fortune 500 companies internationally.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn, and his website.