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Method To Achieve Flow State

What is the flow state?
First of all let’s talk about what the so-called ”flow state” refers to. In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. The flow state is similar to what we call ”being in the present.” It is a situation where the mind is not distracted from thoughts about the past or worries regarding the future. Our brains are so well-trained to predict possible problems and process multiple thoughts at a time that getting focused on one single task appears like a challenge. The flow state is very relaxing and creative for many people and this is what makes more and more people nowadays want to become familiar with the concept.

Why is it important?
Being in a flow state means that you achieve a kind of meditation. You are able to concentrate and you gain the confidence that you can repeat the procedure in other complex situations. Having a speech for a large audience or making love with your partner can both be experienced as a flow state or as a state where you are totally detached from what is happening. Apart from all the positive effects the flow state can provide to us, it is always more enjoyable when it takes place and this is the true gift for any person who decides to get a step closer to reaching flow states easier.

Start with easy cases
Flow can be achieved in some conditions easier than some others. A typical example of being in flow is when someone is at home alone and listens to a song and sings alone loud or even dances. Take the same person and put them on a dancefloor or a stage and the flow will disappear in a second. If you want to practice the flow state, start with things that are easy for you as in the example mentioned above. Choose something you like, do it on your own, and let yourself get lost in the activity of your preference.

Try to involve others
Once you are sure you understand what flow state means you can test your familiarity with the concept by trying to achieve it when you are with other people. A team sport can provide the perfect opportunity for that. If you play a game and you are part of a team it is easy to connect with the present while you are with others. In the meanwhile, all lights are not on you since you are only a part of a big team. In other words, nothing to worry about.

The role of nature
Nature has a mysterious way to work on the human mind. No matter how close to the technology we live, we are a part of nature, and whenever we are close to it we perform with our instinct. Scientists have created a diagram showing the evolution of mankind on earth. If we compact the time we appeared on the planet to a single year of 365 days we will end up with a surprising discovery. The time from the Industrial Revolution till now corresponds only to two seconds of this whole year. The time from the Agricultural Revolution to the present would only take a minute. Do you realize how much familiar our body is to nature compared to life in the city? If you start an activity in nature or start spending more time there, you will automatically find it easier to reach the flow state.

Your inner condition
You will notice that being in a flow state is much easier when you are absorbed by something. One of the most common reasons why we fail in being in that condition is the fact that we are absorbed in the question of what others think of us during a particular moment. Doing something you enjoy that can get you distracted from these useless thoughts is a good way to manage to put yourself into the desired condition. I other words, just chose to do something you enjoy and you will see the results straight away.

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