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5 Top Scandals In The Fashion Industry You Should Check Out

Who doesn’t love good gossip? A dash of inside information coupled with a hint of spice? Some gossips are harmless, nothing more than embarrassing party secrets that are often forgotten right after they are told. While others are not as innocent, they cause outrage and indignation in whoever is listening.

The bigger the industry, the bigger are the scandals and the bigger is the outrage. The fashion industry is no stranger to such incidents and is filled with scandals that rock the very stage they work upon.

In the present article, we will be talking about five such scandals that have shaken our faith in the brands that we love to adore.

  1. The Kimono Shapewear Scandal
    Kim Kardashian is no stranger to slipups and scandals but upon the release of her first fashion label, she probably topped it all. Kimono Shapewear was meant to be accepted as an elegant solution to the everyday problems that women face while selecting a shape-wear. But it spiraled out of control and invited backlash from all over the world.
    Kim was called out for her cultural insensitivity for naming her brand after the traditional dress in Japan. Naming a shape-wear after what is a cultural heritage of the country was seen as insensitive and offensive by many. She had to roll back the launch of the product and re-launch it under a new name to calm the ire of indignant followers.
  2. ELLE Germany “Black is Back” disaster
    A fashion magazine as big as ELLE is expected to be sensitive towards issues that hurt public sentiments but such was not the case in its November 2019 issue. In what is termed as a callous move on the part of the magazine, they showcased six prominent black models under a tagline that made them look like a fashion accessory and not a person.
    Apart from the fact that one of the featured models was wrongly identified, it was unsympathetic of the magazine to release an edition that was about celebrating the achievements of black people but featured a white model on the cover of the magazine. ELLE Germany was ostracized and had to issue a public apology.
  3. The Blackface Fiasco
    In a 2015 fashion show being hosted in Milan, Claudio Cutugno made the dire mistake of not translating his vision properly into form. In what was meant to be a fresh take on the black veil, his models walked down the ramp with their faces painted in black makeup. What made the decision spiral out of control was the fact that these were white models.
    The move was seen as offensive to the Afro-American culture and immediately caught the attention of the world media. To repair the damage and prevent any further inflammation of feelings, Claudio had to come out in the open and explain his original vision.
  4. Gucci’s Straitjacket-like Outfit
    In the summer of 2020 during a fashion show being held in Milan, Gucci managed to offend the sentiments of many viewers. Model Ayesha Tan Jones protested the outfit by saying that mental health is not a matter of joke and should not be used in fashion just to make a statement. Many fashion critics, models, and magazine editors came forward saying that the struggle with mental health is real and the pain of those going through this ordeal should not be a matter of trivialities.
    Gucci had to come out in defense of its move. The fashion giant clarified that they were meant as an extreme statement of fashion showcasing how the world controls us, adding that these pieces were meant for the show and will not be sold.
  5. Burberry and the Noose Hoodie
    In the Autumn/Winter collection of 2019, Burberry ran the theme of marine across its collection. To stand out and provide a unique look to its merchandise, it made the fatal flaw of being insensitive. In place of the drawstrings of the hoodie, it featured a noose.
    The brand was called out for making a fashion statement out of a serious issue like suicide. The CEO of the company, Marco Gobbetti had to issue a clarification statement and remove the offensive piece from the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection of the brand.

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