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5 Things You Must Note Before Applying To Yale University 

Making it to a top university in the world is a commendable achievement. However, everything before the final result is an experience not to be undermined. Whenever we consider applying to a global university with a stellar ranking and reputation, we know that we have to undertake several activities and go through many considerations before completing the process—and I am not just talking about the application process. So, in case you intend to apply to a top-tier university, prepare your mind for months of deliberation, work, and stress.

Yale University is a dream university for many. This private university, a venerated Ivy research university, was established way back in the early 18th century but has consistently maintained exceptional standing in the global higher education system. Anyone who decides to come here for education becomes part of an illustrious legacy that has been shared by scores of Nobel Laureates, billionaires, and notable politicians in and outside the United States of America. Hence, it is no wonder that one cannot simply make it to Yale; one has to earn a place here.

That being said, my intention is not to scare you but to mentally prepare you for what to expect. I am going to help a little and assist you in understanding what it means to apply to Yale.

Here are 5 things you should know.

  1. Stellar recommendations are too useful
    Yale wants the best for its programs. Of course, it will peruse very strictly your academic and non-academic credentials but surely like any other institution of higher education it would want some supplementary assurance. That assurance comes from recommendations—and for Yale, you have to get the best ones. Whoever you ask to write a recommendation letter for you, ensure that she writes about your abilities to contribute to the growth and development of the Yale community, how you have worked hard to shape your credentials and whatnot. Recommendations from highly influential persons also create a significant impact. For Yale’s application process, you will need 3 recommendation letters.
  2. Application essays can decide your future here
    One of the most important aspects of the application process here is the submission of essays. All applicants are required to write 2 essays. There may be courses whose applicants might end up writing more than 2 such essays. These essays ask the applicants to answer certain questions that will determine your personality, your potential contribution, and potential. All of these essays have to be written down within 250 words, and this means you have to answer smartly and succinctly. In addition to these essays, there shall also be 3 short-answer questions.
  3. Three ways to apply to Yale
    You might not know this but there are 3 ways one can apply to Yale. One is the regular method, Common Application, which basically requires you to head to the official website and apply; then, there is the Coalition Application which is a service offered wherein students from as many as 150 universities and colleges can explore options and apply; and the last method is QuestBridge Application, which is similar to the Coalition network and offers similar services. There may be instances where the application process differs slightly from one another, such as extra essay questions to answer. But, all three methods are acceptable.
  4. It can be really hard to get into the university
    Being among the top 10 universities in the world, it shouldn’t surprise you that Yale’s admission process is cut-throat. Statistically speaking, around 6.5 percent of the total applicants get enrolled in the various programs here. You don’t need to do the math to know how much competitive the process can be. Your credentials should be brighter than the sun; you must have super-good scores, involved yourself in extensive extra-curricular activities, submitted recommendation letters of the finest quality, and written remarkable essays. So, when I say that the experience can be nerve-racking, I am not joking.
  5. You can apply early subject to certain conditions.
    There is, of course, the regular application process just like any other university. In addition to that, there is a single-choice early action option. This means you can apply by November 1 and get a response by mid-December. One caveat, though: you can only apply for one School, which is Yale. In case you do not keep Yale on the top of your list, then do not go for the same. However, if Yale is all you care for, then this option can be of great utility.

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