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Top Ultraexpensive Avant-Garde Hats In The World

Hats are one of the most used fashion accessories for both men and women. Drenched in design one unique aspect about headgears is that, it has an extraordinary command over the fashion game. But there are some which come with a hefty price tag due to their out-of-the-box designs.

Here in this blog below, we will unveil some of the most expensive hats in the world, which have been a game-changer also.

  1. Charlie Chaplin Bowler’s Hat
    This hat is modeled after the one worn by Charlie Chaplin. Inspired by the style statement of the famous comedian, the hat has a signature design,unlike others. Priced at $62,500 during an auction in Los Angeles the bowler hat is considered one of the most expensive hats in the world.
  2. Andy Warhol’s Money Hat
    What if we say the next hat on our list has a string of $10 bills? Yes, this is the famous Andy Warhol’s Money Hat which is unique in all aspects. The auction value of the hat is between $800,000 to $1.2 million and estimated by the sky-high rate, it is no surprise that the headgear finds a place on our list.
  3. Deep Blue Sea
    The quest for the most expensive hats doesn’t end here! Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, this designer headgear is not your everyday chapeau. Instead, it is projected as a piece of art with striking adornments in the form of feathers and gems. Priced at $150,000 to $200,000, the hat is nothing but a masterpiece.
  4. Champeau D’ Armour
    One of the most expensive hats is also regarded as celebrity couture. The mini top hat has grand feathery extensions which are further garnished with diamonds, and bluebells. With a total price of around $2.7 million, this is one fashionable piece not for the faint-hearted.
  5. Vivienne Westwood Hat
    This is another stupendously designed headgear that was worn by Pharrell Williams. What makes the hat so expensive is that it was auctioned at a total price of $44,100. Tagged as one of the expensive hats, not everyone can afford it.
  6. Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat
    The list of the most expensive hats is incomplete without mentioning this stylish piece. Right from the unusual design to its color, the hat became the talk of the town, after Princess Beatrice spotted it. Priced at $134,000, the headgear is a trendsetter and worth loads of money.
  7. Pope’s Tiara
    The symbolic headgear is a fusion of both royal and traditional designs. Spotted by Pope John Paul I at his coronation, the great tiara is a thing of beauty and priced at $10 million. This makes it one of the expensive hats in the world.
  8. Panama Hats
    Panama Hats are one of the simple yet elegant headgear ever created. A design that fits the bill for tropical weather and fashion, the hats are iconic in every way. But don’t just fall for their looks. Priced at $25,000, these can cost you a real deal.
  9. Brent Black’s The Hat
    This is yet another iconic headgear to debut on the world stage. Crafted from the finest and durable material, the hat is made by Simon Espinal. With a total cost of $100,000, the headgear is considered one of the most expensive in the world.
  10. Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Fedora
    The hat was worn by none other than the “King of Pop” himself during a live performance. Although there is nothing unique in the design, the fact that it is worn by the dancing legend makes it distinct. It is priced at $49,473 and is one of the costliest headgear in the fashion sphere.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Top Ultraexpensive Avant-Garde Hats In The World
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