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Most Exorbitant Manicures Done So Far

Manicure is one of the most opted beauty treatments in the world. It not only makes your nail look great but also gives them a quick revamp. Luckily for some mega-rich people in the world, manicures made from gold and crushed diamond exists today. While not everyone can these ultra-expensive nail luxuries, this has not deterred the beauty industry from experimenting.

Here in the blog below, we have listed out 10 of the most expensive manicures done so far.

  1. Red Carpet Manicure Amor 24 Polish
    Gold is considered one of the most expensive metals in existence today. But what if we tell you there exists a manicure laced with 24-karat gold? First spotted by Rihanna at the Grammys, the whole manicure is pitched at $5000 and is really costly to opt for.
  2. Azature White Diamond Polish
    Azature is reputed for trying out innovations in the field of manicures. The latest and shall we say the blingy one to join the trend is the white diamond nail polish. Pitched for $1 million, the bottle of lacquer consists of 98 karats of crushed diamonds and covered in 1400 hand-picked diamonds. With so many rare and precious metals, the Azature White Diamond Polish is the one of the expensive manicure treatments to have been invented so far.
  3. Litz and Glamicure
    Litz and Glamicure is a luxury nail lounge in Southern California. What makes the place different from the rest is its trail of specialty nail services. While the price for an expensive manicure here ranges from $10,000-$130,000, the salon also pampers nails with gemstones and diamonds.
  4. Azature Black Diamond Polish
    The Black diamond polish from Azature is another beauty product to try. The expensive nail treatment is worth $250,000 as the lacquer uses 267 crushed diamonds. Opted by several celebrities the manicure is also considered as one of the most expensive in the world.
  5. Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation
    When speaking of the costliest manicure done so far, the name of Urban Retreat automatically comes up.  The salon is situated in London and is known for its Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation, which is priced at $35,000. What makes the manicure service special is the use of nine carats of diamonds and gemstones that add an extra effect to the nails.
  6. Models Own Gold Rush Couture Polish
    A gold-toned laccquer is best suited for every occasion, but none can match the shine and glamor of Models Own Gold Rush Couture Polish. The whole bottle of nail paint is covered in 1,100 diamonds and a 24-karat gold leaf. One of the most expensive nail treatments to opt for, the manicure service is priced at $130,000.
  7. Iced Manicure
    Do you wish to cover the tip of your nails with diamonds? Then iced manicure is definitely worth the catch. A beauty experience like never before, the manicure has 10 carats of white diamonds and is priced at $51,000.
  8. I Do by Elle Cosmetics
    It’s time to move over diamonds and rubies. Here comes a manicure that is drenched with powdered platinum. The manicure is priced at $55,000 and is regarded as one of the costliest in the world due to the use of rare metal.
  9. An Evening To Remember Manicure
    For all those who love to add both glitz and glamor to your life, here is a manicure for you. An Evening to Remember nail paint is encrusted with black diamonds and each manicure has a hefty tag of $1000. The extravagant nail paint along with the treatment is what makes it super expensive.
  10. Chrome Manicure
    The different yet extraordinary manicure is the one spotted by Gigi Hadid in the 2016 Met Gala. The $2000 manicure was created by celebrity artist Mary Soul and was completed by a cluster of crystals underside each nail.

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