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Most Acredited Archeology Courses In The U.S.A.

Just like history, archaeology is about exploring the past. The big difference is that history is based on the narratives written by the people in the past.

Archaeology is about literally digging out, revering, and analyzing relics from the past. By examining the materials and artifacts used by humans long ago, we get insights into human life the way it existed thousands of years ago.

This can help us learn from the mistakes made in the past, thus, improving our chances of survival in case a disaster occurs.

The best archaeology courses in the USA are:

  1. Washington University in St. Louis
    The Archaeology department at Washington University in St. Louis believes the systematic application of scientific methodology leads to excellent research. That’s why the coursework of both the undergraduate and graduate programs is based on an explicitly scientific approach to studying archaeology.
    Faculty members and students of the archaeology department also work closely with those in the other anthropology department.
    You will be regularly involved in field and laboratory research work throughout your time in the Archaeology program.
    You will benefit from the solid theoretical and method-based training that helps develop practical skills you will use in the field as a professional.
  2. Dartmouth College
    The Archaeology group makes sure you benefit from the on-campus training opportunities and the chance to work with faculty members.
    Dartmouth College’s Archaeology group has done significant fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. And they go for a summer field trip every year.
  3. Rice University
    Rice University is a pretty research-led university with expert professors that are approachable even outside the classroom.
    Students get to collaborate with professors for research and form good connections with them. Rice University has done substantial research on the emerging urbanism in Africa. You can even go for the 6-week field school that takes place every other year in sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Yale University
    The programs at Yale make sure you get the quality of teaching that creates a solid foundation of archaeology. And because archaeology is a multi-faceted discipline, you will get exposure to various research styles.
    Undergraduates can choose Archaeology as a major and benefit from the exceptional flexibility of the courses. All majors are taught the foundation theory, the latest laboratory methods, and also get to do field training in the summer.
    Yale also offers Master’s Degree and Ph.D. programs in Archeological studies. Students from both the undergraduate and graduate programs are actively involved in research programs. These research programs are conducted across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.
  5. Stanford University
    The undergraduate program offers you an interdisciplinary approach to studying archaeology by including humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences in the curriculum.
    Stanford University does not offer a Ph.D. in Archaeology, but you can pursue graduate work in Archaeology through affiliated departments.
    As part of the summer field schools, you get to work under the guidance of a faculty member on an archaeological dig. Field schools are a great learning experience if you are passionate about archaeology.
  6. Harvard University
    You can pursue a Ph.D. in Archaeology at Harvard University’s GSAS (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
    You can choose one primary area of specialization from:
    Archaeology, art, and religion
    Archaeology of complex societies
    Archaeology of human evolution
    Archaeology of ethnicities and languages
    Environmental archaeology/archaeological science
    The coursework helps students understand the archaeology of societies in the New and Old Worlds. You’ll also be able to learn about biological anthropology, ethnography, and ethnology that are relevant to your primary area of specialization. The boundless collections of archaeology material of the Peabody Museum is a dependable resource to do in-depth research.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Most Acredited Archeology Courses In The U.S.A.
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