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How Religion Affects Society

Believing in God and being religious are two completely different concepts. God came into society as an answer to everything that is unknown. Whatever science and reason could not explain, the existence of God would answer. Religion, on the other hand, is a complex system of beliefs and promotes a certain lifestyle to humans. Religion is a part of people’s culture. It comes as a result of ideas being processed into society and coming back in a different form. It is interesting to search when people started believing in God and it is rather important that civilizations all over the world that didn’t communicate at the time had developed the belief that an invisible force controls us. Physical phenomena could be explained. In almost every civilization there was a God who was the protector of the sun. Recent research implies that the first signs of religion in human civilization appeared when people started to bury their dead. This according to anthropologists is a clear indicator that people thought that there is something following death. It was a unique characteristic of our species since animals do not bury or burn corpses, even though they can be upset when a member of their pack passes away. Religion is a mystery and will always be as long as we don’t know what is beyond life as we know it.

But how does this affect our society? Let’s have a look.

  1. It has initiated wars
    Unfortunately not few are the time where religion was used as a weapon by powerful men to divide nations. History is full of examples where many human lives were sacrificed for a ”holy” purpose. Commonly, the idea was to force people of other religions to refuse their culture and believe in the other party’s God. Of course, most of the time this was only what was told to the faithful crowds to make them take their side and defend powerful men’s interests. However, in people’s consciousness religion has worked as the initiator of big drama and spread division among them.
  2. The idea that life has a purpose
    Some effects are negative, some effects are positive but they are all a part of the big picture. The reason religion is so popular is that it provides comfort and hope. It releases guilt from many people. Each religion suggests a different way the world is governed but it helps get things in order. Injustice is restored. For example, Christians go to paradise if they are acting good while on earth, while Hindus come back in different forms to live their next life depending on how fair they were during the previous lifetime. In any case, the assumption is that whatever doesn’t seem right here, will be in the future. In addition, answers to crucial questions such as how we came here and what is our purpose in life are given.
  3. Faith can do miracles
    No matter whether someone is religious, God can do miracles according to some people, but faith is working for everyone. The relief that someone has done his part and the rest of the game is in God’s hands provides a sense of calmness and inner peace. Being able to control things also means that you are responsible for a variety of things. God takes the burden out of your shoulders and consciousness is free. Science has now proven that self-submission can work excellently even for the treatment of your physical body. Hypnotherapists imply that this can be an actual fact.
  4. Affects consuming behaviors
    Many religions impose certain types of diets on those who are loyal. Christians for example, are obliged to follow a vegan diet for almost half of the year. Muslims are occasionally forbidden to eat or drink anything until the sunsets. Hindus are expected to stay away from cow’s meat, while Jewish are not allowed to combine meat with cheese. The result of that is that people shape their consuming behaviors accordingly. The goods are shared in a way that is an outcome of religion. At the same time, just think of the profit businesses have during the holiday season. Santa Clauss works more in favor of the game industry than the kids themselves.

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