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Globally Recognised Brands For Polo Gear

Polo is a game where the player is mounted on horseback and is considered to be one of the oldest team sports in history. It is as known as “the sports of kings.”  There are gears that a player has to wear and are dedicated polo gears. In the market, there are many companies that make the best polo gears and are readily available in the market.

Here is a list of top brands for you to shop your polo gear from in the world:

  1. Cavalier
    Cavalier is known as one of the best and most dedicated production houses that markets very good quality handcrafted polo clothing and all the accessories. Cavalier also lets the customer select what and what not do they wish to be added to their gear and they use this as a very unique selling proposition.  Cavalier claims to manufacture the best, most advanced, and successful technology and materials. The helmets are purely handmade with a high quality and density rubber which absorbs the impacts and is covered by a soft-shell material that is waterproof. This brand started as polo and mallet bags has expanded now to making helmets, caps, beanies, apparel, and many more products.
  2. Casa Fagliano
    The famous Argentinean atelier Casa Fagliano in 1892 and as a brand established by Pedro and Giacomina Fagliano. For the best and most firm experience soles and wooden things are mounted. The finish is hand polished. Along with Bueno Aires, they together ensure to produce the finest and most excellent quality of leather boots in the whole world. For boot production, the Fagliano still use their old about 100 years machinery and techniques which intricate and pay heed to even the minutest details.  Casa is known for its timeless designs and authentic unique technique. They assemble the boots from the best and selected cordovan, calfskin and buffalo skin.
  3. Pampeano
    Inspired by the famous South American artistry this Argentinian hand-crafting leather brand is recognized for its outstanding uniqueness. The word Pampeano means from the Pampa which is a place in Argentina and known for its scenic terrain. The brand offers products like polo belts, either hand-stitched or hand-woven with their iconic and stylish “Pampa” diamonds. The boots have a full-length central zip guard woven with their special Pampa diamonds decorated on them. They are made in three colors which are London tan, honey brown, and black where they are smooth, supple, and have a very luxurious texture that can be worn for a long time.
  4. U-Black
    U-Black has an unmatched and unique style that combines pure blackness with a pinch of gold inserts. Black beauty is the brands’ alone strong identity. The company focuses on their idea that horses are the most beautiful creature in the world and hence every minute detail and finishing is checked and only the best is sold. They sell products for horses such as horse apparel, saddle pads, covers, bonnets, blankets, stirrup covers, and many such products. The company basically put out the personality of the horse.
  5. Celeris
    The brand stands on to delivering outstanding performance and the best fit. Products are manufactured in a small shop back in North Portugal, all the boots are hand-made with the old school techniques, traditional skills and by using the finest and only the best material. The Celeris offers boots that are known to be multi-taskers. Somewhere about 24 and above measurements are cast to extract and then put together and executed for the perfect fit for all equestrians.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Globally Recognised Brands For Polo Gear
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