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Relaxation And Rejuvenation In Natural Spas of The World

If you are in the mood for relaxation, then we have the best natural solutions up our sleeves! Yes, we are talking about none other than hot springs. Describe as one of the most relaxing activities, taking bath in a hot spring accounts for more.

Irrespective of wherever the location is, the natural thermal bath suits the taste of everyone. Below, we have mentioned some of the famous natural spas in the world, which people love to visit.

  1. Negombo Thermal Spa and Gardens, Ischia, Italy
    This small island of Ischia is every natural spa lover’s dream. Located in the Bay of Naples, the place boasts over 100 hot springs in the middle of a lovely garden. The Negombo spa has over twelve different types of hydrotherapy that people love to enjoy. With gorgeous views accompanying the relaxing experience, Negombo is the best of all-natural spas in the world.
  2. Gellert Thermal Baths, Budapest, Hungary
    Gellert Thermal Baths are another fascinating addition to the list. The water in the baths are fed by nearby Gellert Hills and the spa itself is in the fascinating Art Nouveau Building. From massage and other treatment, the spa promises to offer a relaxing experience by all means.
  3. Halfway River Hot Springs, British Columbia
    The Halfway River Hot Springs is the best in Columbia as the natural hot spring is located in the Western Kootenay of British Columbia. What makes the whole vicinity beautiful is that it is surrounded by a trail of hot springs from all around. Best for a rejuvenating experience, this one a treat for one and all.
  4. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA
    Alaska is known to many as a land with many natural wonders. One among them is the Chena Hot Springs. Just 60 miles from Fairbanks, the Chena Hot Springs provides a natural experience. The waters have healing properties and are enjoyed by many visitors since 1905.
  5. Termas Geometricas, Pucon, Chile
    If you want to immerse yourself in a spectacular hot spring experience then do opt for Termas Geometricas. The natural spa is the best thing you would need after a hectic day. The relaxing experience coupled with the view is beyond the words and thus the best way to wind your day.
  6. Strelcha, Bulgaria
    There are several hot springs in and around Strelcha, Bulgaria, to enjoy a natural experience. Surrounded by mountains and a thick coat of forest, the hot springs are the best way to detoxify yourself after a hectic day.
  7. Ruisui, Taiwan
    Ruisui, Taiwan is another place to set feet upon if you’re looking forward to a healing experience. The hot springs in and around the place are blessed with carbonated quality, rustic smell, and plenty of iron for cleansing. Best for revitalizing the skin, the natural spa is perfect for some me-time.
  8. Quesada, Costa Rica
    Quesada is often dubbed as the launch pad of many hot springs. Located deep in the jungle amidst the fern trees the thermal water bodies provide exfoliation and pampering treatments like never before.
  9. Berehove, Ukraine
    The hot springs near Berehove are the best for enjoying some exclusive time for pampering yourself. The thermal water at this particular place has a rare collection of minerals that work their way towards healing the body. A perfect retreat for enjoying some quality time amidst nature.
  10. Kaga, Japan
    Japan is like the focal point of hot springs, popularly known as Onsen. However, out of all the places, Kaga is the best with over four natural spas. A great way to pamper your body on a trip, check these out when you are visiting the country.

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