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Tips On How To Unlock Your Employees’ Potential

In life and business, decisions can fail because the issue has not been clearly defined and options have not been carefully considered.  

We all have strengths and weaknesses or areas we could improve on. Within each company or organization, a CEO can benefit from understanding not only their own strengths and weaknesses, but also those of their employees. This will help strengthen the company and increase employee retention. Helping employees unlock their potential provides a way for them to clearly see all their strengths and better assess what they need to improve on. It demonstrates the CEO’s commitment to ensuring employees’ growth and success. Further, it fosters a material and emotional connection between executive and employee.

Recently discovered innate genetic structure has been found to determine how an individual performs. This includes their creative, organizational, functional behaviors and thinking.  Understanding how these all work together gives us a model into people’s consciousness.  This innate structure in cells frames everything we do as human beings.  It is part of our natural thinking or natural intelligence. This is the “purest” type of intelligence because it has no frame of reference, it just exists within the body. It is the way we use it or ignore this natural intelligence that makes us unique, specifically the thinking and comprehension skills we use to carry through our days and perform tasks at work.

Every individual has two mindsets; their potential mindset, which is tied to natural thinking and their normal mindset, that manages their subjective life.  Most of us are not aware of this innate mindset that we can use to categorize things in our life, but once we are, it opens the door for personal and professional advancements.  It’s this structure that can unlock potential by improving both our subjective and objective lives. The significance of discovering full potential cannot be understated, this can impact one’s entire life and serve as life’s purpose.

The “Potential” Method

The program produces an incredible amount of data through assessments, in a short amount of time and identifies thinking blocks that impact our daily functioning. The best way to think of it is “providing clarity to chaos.” There are millions of pieces of information in someone’s mind that are memories, as well as, all the information taken from everyday reality. For most of us, this represents chaos and distraction that prevents us from focusing on steps we need to take to help us reach our professional and personal goals. The natural mind and its’ structure can help your employees take the information provided from this program and put it into practice. The person can then identify that information properly and uncover how they are interpreting it in terms of their potential. What usually happens with this process is people mis-categorize information or issues. So, if they are having a problem closing a sale or issues with time management, they might look to the functional part of their thinking to determine where they could improve. Or, maybe, they are doing something mental or physical that needs addressing to overcome the challenge. Once they understand this dynamic, they see their many types of “potential” and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The Benefits

–  Defines ones’ thinking, weaknesses, hidden strengths and new paths to take advantage of
–  Provide clear employee profiles
–  Defines problems and corrective courses
–  Aides in structuring, implementing and monitoring decisions on projects
–  Establishes, regulates and moderates corporate and personal missions and purpose
–  Formulates and uncovers underlying priorities
–  Develops greater innovative, organizational and functional skills
–  Focuses on cognitive engineering as a path to excellence

The outcome for CEO’s is an increase in productivity and employees who feel valued and offered opportunities for growth in their career. This creates all around progress and improvement in the workplace, leading to further success of the company.

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Dr. Robert J. Flower
Dr. Robert J. Flower is the CEO of The Gilchrist Institute which introduced a unique system, founded in science and nature, to help individuals reach their full potential and maximize achievements. He’s unveiled the 13 fundamental principles of human intelligence that can be applied to foster personal and professional growth. From entrepreneur, scholar, and "entelechist", he has dedicated himself to the study of potential and natural intelligence. Dr. Flower has recently been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and CNBC and his clients range from Olympic judges to professional golfers, educators and entrepreneurs. Dr. Robert J. Flower is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.