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Jobs With No Degree Required

Going to college, at least a good one can prove an expensive investment. Especially if you haven’t figured out in detail which career you would like to follow, it is better not to spend a bunch of money on something you are not 100% positive that you like. Some people do not even have the money to start with. Loans for going to college are for some people are a scam and they have found their relatives and friends being in debt after this particular choice. For no reason, do we want to discourage anyone from going to college since it provides a whole lot apart from a potential career? Yet, we want to make sure that you know you have options and it is up to you to make the final call.

Below, we provide a list of jobs where having a Bachelor’s degree is not necessary.

  1. Air-traffic controllers
    In this case, we talk about the most well-paid profession where a Bachelor’s degree is not required. On the contrary, on-job training is offered. The job is not at all underestimated and this is reflected in the annual salary. The reason for this is that it is quite stressful. A simple mistake can cost human lives and you always have to be alert. Consider the consequences for others but also for yourself in the worst-case scenario where an accident happens. Your job would be to monitor and direct aircraft. As you may imagine mistakes are not allowed due to the importance of the operation and that’s what justifies the salary that exceeds $120,000 annually. Keep in mind that you will carry a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders, so if you are suffering from stress disorders this may not be the right choice for you.
  2. Home health aides
    These people are trained to assist people with health problems in their daily activities. The health problems include diabetes and chronic illness. They may also have to take care of individuals of higher age where the overall condition of the body has suffered and the performance has decreased. In the case where your help and assistance are necessary throughout the entire day, you can expect a significant rise in your salary. However, keep in mind that working with people who are facing health problems can be exhausting in terms of your psychology. Taking care of them is often demanding and being around them may not be so good for you, if you are not made for the job. Before turning into such a career take a moment to consider whether you can manage.
  3. Laborers and technicians
    Construction laborers, roofers, electricians, floor and elevator installers are among the list of people who are not expected to have a degree. Their earnings can vary depending on their experience and the level of performance in their work. These people can work as employees and freelancers. The prices they charge are also relevant to the customers they serve. In some countries, these jobs are considerably underestimated even though they are as important as other professions. If you pick a career like that make sure you are in good physical condition and take care of your body. Stretching or doing certain types of exercises may be necessary.
  4. Agricultural managers and farmers
    Planting and growing food for the population is the most crucial sector in society. It is estimated that the average annual salary should not exceed $70,000. The great benefit of such professions is that you are being close to nature and your overall health is not affected negatively as far as your physical condition and psychology are concerned. In addition, you are expected to be occupied in the future since opening positions are expected in the upcoming years especially in the United States. Greenhouses, nurseries, and farms will be under your responsibility as long as someone has to take care of the land.
  5. Dental hygienists
    A dental hygienist is a person who will check your dental and oral hygiene. They are practically dentist’s assistants since they are expected to take some incidents out of the dentists’ busy schedule. They are the first people a patient will see to guide them through the care they will have to be provided. They need an associate’s degree, but not a Bachelor’s. They mainly focus on examining and providing preventative dental care and their profession ensures an average salary above $75,000 annually.

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