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How To Reduce Crime In The USA – 5 Suggestions That Claim To Be The Most Effective

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The way jails and prisons work in the United States has received mass criticism from many countries of the developed world implying that a lot of racism is being imposed on people who end up at courts for a fair trial. At the same time, prison is an industry for this particular country. Private business is taking care of the prisoners leaving many doubts to citizens about how the system works. Is it after all profitable to have people in prison? We would say that all candidates for the presidency of the United States make promises about how they will fight crime within the county’s borders. Especially, in big cities like L.A., the situation has always been problematic with crime being one of the main issues people who live there have to deal with. Not all neighborhoods are rich and wherever there are homeless people things can easily get out of control.

  1. Ex-offenders and stable housing
    Ensuring that former prisoners come back into society to become a part of it is quite important to fight crime and stable housing works in two directions. The first one is that ex-prisoners can have proper housing that will help them live like everyone else. This way they will not be out of the rest of the community. They will have neighbors and people they interact with and build relationships with some people who can work as a defense against their slip back to the crime. The other part has to do with the fact that authorities know where these people live and can check on them once in a while in a discrete way. Knowing the address of a person who probably has a history of violence is convenient to help you act fast in case of an emergency.
  2. Returning prisoners and work
    A big part of the crime takes place from returning prisoners. Going to prison is supposed to have a penitentiary character, but most of the time it further pushes people to become more and more violent. The model behavior will be achieved once these people are welcomed by the society as equal members. If accommodation is significant, work is crucial. Studies show that ex-convicts have fewer chances to return to crime when they are offered a secure living wage. Even the money they are offered per hour plays a vital role in the chances they have to turn to crime again.
  3. DNA evidence
    Science has offered so many tools to identify criminals making it easier for policemen to track down which fingerprints belong to who. In the meanwhile, information about the DNA of a particular individual can be used in the service of authorities to identify criminals. The information on someone’s DNA has proved very helpful for accusations regarding rapes and sex-crimes. Again, in less serious cases like burglaries DNA is a powerful weapon. Research shows that it gives twice the chances to the police to find the suspect. Having such indisputable evidence can also help justice proceed correctly and work quickly and efficiently without leaving space for doubts.
  4. Poverty and equal chances
    At this point, we will refer to the main cause of crime. The fight against poverty is a fight against crime. Instead of trying to fix the results poverty causes on society, you can fight the source that generates hate, leading to an endless cycle of violence. Education can play a vital role here as well. To put it simply, the higher the level of education the less possible it is for someone to conduct a crime. Another parameter is the matter of equal chances, the United States may be the land of opportunities but it has a lot of ground to cover to equal opportunities. This is a phenomenon that happens worldwide and the USA is not an exception. The way reality has been shaped makes it hard for some people to escape the culture of a neighborhood full of crime.
  5. Drug courts
    Last but not least, the country suffers a lot from drug addicts. Substance abuse is strictly connected with criminality. Drug courts come to offer some solution providing people the possibility to recover. It is an effort to help these people return to a world of no drugs. Addiction to substances is being viewed as an illness and regardless of whether this is correct or not this view can work in a way that those suffering from substance abuse issues will be functional again and able to offer their services for the common good of the society.

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