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Top 5 Universities for Those Interested in History 

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History is a popular choice among students across the globe. This century has witnessed a change in the way we study history—regional, national, or international—as we have begun to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach towards the subject-area. Today, history is not just about noting down the dates of major events in the past; scholars of history study the past from myriad angles, analyze the facts available and their applicability to the contemporary world and offer insights into the whys. Unlike a common belief, history, if studied seriously and under able guidance, can offer you a detailed, finely cut perspective on how the world has behaved in the past and may behave in the future.

But, as I have said, you have to be a serious student and be placed under able guidance. If you are interested in history and want to pursue higher education in the same, you should apply to universities that have been ranked among the best so far as history courses are concerned. Of course, there will be many national universities you may want to try out; however, certain universities across the globe can offer you an unparalleled academic experience. In this article, we are going to talk about exactly that.

Here are 5 universities for those who are interested in history and want to make a career out of it.

  1. Harvard University, USA
    I don’t think I really need to elaborate on why this university is here. When it comes to academic excellence, there are only a few which can match with Harvard’s. Being the oldest institution of higher education, Harvard University has produced a phenomenally wide network of alumni who have been notable in whatever they have done such as 161 Nobel laureates, 18 Field Medalists, hundreds of Rhodes Scholars, and more than 180 billionaires. Presently, its academic structure is made of 10 academic faculties, along with the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Arts, and Sciences. So far as research is concerned, its track record is as impressive as its reputation.
  2. University of Cambridge, UK
    The United Kingdom has been historically a center of high academic caliber. So many influential personalities have studied from its many universities including our subject of interest: University of Cambridge. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, coming second only to the University of Oxford. Comprised of 31 partly autonomous colleges, 150 departments, faculties, and 6 schools, there is a plethora of options for students. To complement the teaching programs, many research departments and institutes are operating under its aegis most of which are world-renowned for their contribution. Also, there are specialist research laboratories.
  3. University of Oxford, UK
    The crowned oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the world. It comprises as many as 38 semi-autonomous colleges, 6 halls, and many departments categorized into 4 divisions. From its many colleges, hundreds of respected personalities have emerged including 72 Nobel laureates, 6 Turing Award winners, and several heads of governments across the globe. It is host to the oldest university museum in the whole wide world, the Ashmolean Museum. So far as its research activities are concerned, its faculties and researchers are among the most cited individuals in academia with many of their research works featuring in national and international projects.
  4. Yale University, USA
    Formerly known as the Collegiate School, Yale University was founded way back in the year 1701 and is presently the third oldest university in the United States. As part of its academic organization, there are 14 schools which include the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Many of its departments have been consistently ranked top tier and include those of English, Economics, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, and Computer Science. On top of that, it encourages its faculties and students to participate in extensive research work as a result of which it has been highly rated by the Association of American Universities. It also provides support to its postdocs which work from various laboratories and settings to research the university.
  5. London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), UK
    Popularly known as LSE, the London School of Economics and Political Sciences is a well-acclaimed research university that was founded in the year 1895. It is one of the friendliest and most popular universities among international applicants, as evident from the fact that it comprises the highest percentage of international students. Over here, you will come across 25 departments and institutes all of which undertake a multi-disciplinary approach in pedagogy and research work. Its research activities have been globally acknowledged and evident from the high number of citations it receives. Its list of alumni is illustrious as its history and comprises who’s who in the world.

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