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5 Must Dos In Your Final Semester at College 

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The final semester of the university is about so many things that one cannot describe the experience in simple terms. You are officially about to wrap up a package deal you had signed up for; a deal which wasn’t solely for academic purposes but many others. To many, especially me, the final semester was the time for introspection and preparation.

What was more interesting was the realization that this was the not end. In fact, it is the final semester that has the most impact on our lives. So, if you are reading this and are in your final semester, then you should pay attention.

There are too many things you can do in your final semester. Things, that can make it more memorable and productive than expected. I have listed a few things that I was advised to do in my final semester and would like to suggest you the same.

So, let us take a look at what they are.

  1. Decide whether you want to study or work
    One of the toughest decisions following college life is whether you want to continue education or move to the job sector. It is the best time to talk to your professors and/or seniors about it. If your finances are tight, you should consider working and saving up. Later, you can very well go back to studying. However, if things aren’t too financially difficult for you, then you should continue (if you want to, of course). There is no good or bad decision when it comes to this. However, in the final semester, you truly need career counselling, and you should seek it from those who can offer the right counsel.
  2. Pay attention to your resume
    Of course, you have very limited time in your final semester which means you cannot actively pursue many engagements. So, the most important thing is to cut down on the number of activities you should participate. Try participating in events which reflect good on your resume. Attend conferences, seminars or participate in competitions such as debate competitions to boost your resume. A lot of employers look into how you spent the last few months of college and will not be keen on taking you if you have too lackadaisical. Moreover, ask professional help (if need be) to tailor your resume. Make sure it does not look sloppy or incomplete because your future university or employer won’t like what they see.
  3. Plan a class trip
    By the time we reach the final semester, it shouldn’t matter the differences that you had with your batchmates. It is the time when you can keep them aside for some time and enjoy the time as a team. A class trip, therefore, will be a excellent way to wrap up your final semester. Many universities fund class trips of final year students, and yours don’t you can anyway start a voluntary fund and have batchmates contribute for a trip. These class trips stay with you for a long time and will always be an experience you will not regret. Take it as a parting gift and enjoy while it lasts.
  4. Hang out with juniors
    I have done it and it seems juniors are quite eager to socialise with you and gain wisdom from you. Of course, this is also an excellent way for networking. You have spent years into understanding how things work in college. Your juniors have still a long way to go, but they would love to have some guidance. Now that you are leaving college in some time you should consider passing over the baton to them. If you are a club member, you should guide the younger members on how to go about club activities and management. You might think all of this as unnecessary but it is not. Use your time to bond with and educate your juniors.
  5. Anxiety is normal
    We all know how much nerve-racking the final semester can be. There is so much uncertainty around. We don’t know how we will fare in our entrance exams, jobs, or personal lives. We will have to go on separate paths and perhaps end up struggling to maintain contact. So, it is natural to feel anxious in the final semester. And, hey, that is normal. There is no such thing called a painless lesson. Consider all of this as rite of passage, and once you successfully cross over it, you will be stronger than ever before. So, don’t give up!

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