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6 Tips if Australia is Your Studies Destination

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The world knows that Australian Higher Education is comprehensive, focused, and very well-established. Its universities are placed among the highest and score exceptionally well in terms of research and the number of international students. To add to all of this is the renowned friendly Australian environment that makes life easier for a lot of those who come here. But, the fact remains that Australia is a country in itself; it is marked by its own set of social, economic, political, and cultural standards. One cannot simply and instantly assimilate into it. This is, especially, true when we talk about its education system.

Being an international student is not easy-peasy, and you are expected to know certain important details about the host country for a good start. Australia is no exception. Let us know where you need to focus and what you should know about studying in Australia. I have jotted down 6 tips that will help you understand the country and its education system better.

  1. Australia is expensive
    Let us cut the chase, Australia can be really expensive, and this is especially the case for those who come from developing countries or financially weak backgrounds. It is important to consider all possible expenses that will be incurred throughout your stay here, from tuition to boarding. Being a developed country comes with its set of drawbacks, and overseas students experience the brunt of it quite easily. It is advised that you apply for scholarships. There are many government-funded scholarship opportunities or secure some from our own country.
  2. A simplified paperwork mechanism
    Unlike many countries, Australia has streamlined the admission process quite considerably. Once you have received acceptance from a university, you will have to most likely apply for a visa whose procedures have been simplified. All study visas are categorized under one head regardless of what your academic interests are. Much of the paperwork will be done online, and you will not have to run from pillar to post to get your work done in a well-paced manner.
  3. The Seasonal Flips
    I remember getting an email from an Australian friend last year. It was December, and he told me he was on a summer vacation. For a few seconds, I completely forgot that there was something called Hemispheres in my 6th-grade geography lessons and wondered why he would be having a summer vacation then. We are probably too used to being in the Northern Hemisphere or along the equator that we forget that there is something southern about them. Also, the most direct result of the change of hemisphere is the change of seasonal pattern. Seasons are flipped in Australia. It is summer when it is winter at your place unless you belong to the south.
  4. Healthcare
    One of the things a foreign student in Australia must have is an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It is one of the many mandatory requirements for a student visa. It is a health cover that helps you cover a number of healthcare costs and includes doctor visits, emergency ambulance, and prescription medicine. You can very easily apply for the same online and should receive a policy confirmation within a short time. Whichever package you choose, make sure it does what you need.
  5. An Excellent Network of Public Transportation
    Public transportation is a very important factor in choosing any destination. If the place is not well connected to the other parts, it might become quite hectic for the student. Thankfully, Australian Public Transportation services are spot on and offer extensive connectivity through trains, cars, ferries, and buses. Discounts are offered to students, so make sure you use your status well for availing of interesting offers.
  6. Work and study
    We often feel the need to work part-time to keep our life running smoothly. But, the amount of time you can invest in your part-time job depends upon your visa conditions. In Australia, a student visa will allow work of a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when the academic session is ongoing. During vacations, you can work as much as you want. You should be able to take benefit of the minimum wage regulations in the country and earn sufficiently.

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