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Ten Best US Institutions For A Philosophy Degree On An Average Cost

There are some institutions in the United States that offer philosophy studies at a very reasonable price. These institutions are presented below.

  1. Eastern Michigan University: The University was founded in 1849 as a small teacher’s college. Nowadays, offers more than 200 undergraduate majors, minors and certificates, plus more than 150 graduate programs to more than 16,000 students. The Bachelor of Arts Degree is a Philosophy BA program of the History and Philosophy Department. The undergraduate programs (Philosophy Major, Philosophy Minor) offer a wide range of courses from the continental, analytic and Asian traditions in philosophy. The curriculum includes courses in ethics, gender and feminism, philosophy of law, aesthetics, Chinese philosophy, phenomenology, food justice, disability, existentialism and Indian philosophy.  The average annual cost to study philosophy is about $15,000.
  2. Lindenwood University: The undergraduate degrees include Philosophy & Religion (BA), Philosophy & Religion (BA) with Philosophy Emphasis and Philosophy & Religion (BA) with Religion Emphasis. A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religion at Lindenwood University requires 36 credit hours of Religion courses, including core classes in religious traditions and a senior thesis project. Students also have flexibility to choose Religion electives at the 200, 300, and 400 levels to complete the degree. The average annual cost to study philosophy here is almost $19,000.
  3. San Francisco State University: Here students have several options. They can choose between the BA in Philosophy, the BA in Philosophy and Religion, the BA in Philosophy Emphasis in Law, the Minor in Philosophy or the Minor in Philosophy and Religion. The average annual cost to study philosophy here is about $15,000.
  4. CUNY: There are offered several philosophy courses. Ethics and Critical Thinking, Major Issues in Philosophy, Philosophy From India, Existentialism in Philosophy and Literature and more. The average annual cost to study philosophy here is about $3,500.
  5. St. Cloud State University: Philosophy can serve as an excellent support to majors and minors in other areas. Majors: B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Interdisciplinary Philosophy. Minors: B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Interdisciplinary Philosophy and B.A. Ethics. The Department of Philosophy explains at the website of the University that: “Philosophy is concerned with questions that are difficult to answer, yet fundamentally important. Nearly all of us want our actions to be good, our beliefs to be reasonable and our government to be just, but how do we know what is good, reasonable and just? As a Philosophy student, you will gain an increased awareness of these issues, which pervade human life and helps establish a life-long attitude of reflection. We believe that each person’s life can be enhanced and enriched by engaging in philosophical reflection”. The average annual cost to study philosophy here is about $14,000.
  6. Rosemont College: The Philosophy program (Major) at Rosemont College provides students with insight into the human condition by exploring multiple philosophical questions helping them develop a consistent world-view. Through practice in philosophical methods of inquiry and research, students develop many transferable skills in critical and creative thinking that can be utilized in a variety of careers and jobs. The program prepares students for careers in diverse professions including law, social services, education, government, for-profit and non-profit business, journalism, and publishing. The average annual cost to study philosophy here is almost $20,000.
  7. Minnesota State University: The field of Philosophy includes Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Honors in Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Philosophy, Bachelor of Science (BS), Honors in Philosophy, Bachelor of Science (BS), Philosophy – Minor, Human-Animal Studies – Minor, Critical Thinking – Minor, Critical Thinking – Certificate, Ethics – Minor. While the field of Philosophy, Politics and Economics includes Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Bachelor of Science (BS). The average annual cost to study philosophy here is almost $15,000.
  8. Grove City College: Students joining the Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy will not only study influential thinkers and philosophical movements, but also gain a firm grounding in logic, critical thinking, and debate—highly marketable skills for any career and foundational tools for life. Studies in the field of philosophy here, cost more than $20,000 annually.
  9. CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College: The department of philosophy is particularly strong in legal and political philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, Asian philosophy, philosophy of mind, metaphilosophy, and the history of ideas. The Philosophy Major requires 24 credits in philosophy, including three courses in the history of philosophy, one course in logic and a capstone course, chosen from among the special topics courses, the senior seminar or one honors course. The Philosophy Minor requires the completion of two philosophy courses numbered 3000 or higher and one capstone course. Studies in the field of philosophy here, cost about $4,000 annually.
  10. Florida International University: The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy emphasizes effective and critical reading, writing and speaking. The study of philosophy deals with the interpretation of texts, the balanced exposition and examination of issues, the construction and appraisal of arguments and explanations, and the criticism of doctrines and thoughts commonly taken for granted. With the above description the Florida International University presents the program to its’ website. Studies in the field of philosophy here, cost about $9,000 annually.

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