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Marilyn Gautier Shares Keys and Examples of Why Women In Leadership Thrive

How is it possible that many countries still have to elect their first female leader? Especially when we think of the many recognized qualities in an influential leader commonly associated with typically feminine traits.

A few years ago, the British company WP asked 32,000 people in 13 different countries to rank 125 leadership qualities and assign them to lead or neutral men, women. The results showed that the top 10 positions were exclusively related to female characteristics—for example, reasonableness, flexibility, planning, patience, collaboration and loyalty.

So it might be time to listen more to women leaders and what they can teach us. Below we have collected four lessons learned from very influential female personalities. These examples and analysis was brought up by the CEO of Marilyn Models Agency, Marilyn Gautier; a vibrant example of female leadership herself.

Gautier’s influence horizons over the global modeling industry with her company’s offices established in New York City and Sao Paulo. She has been a strong name in the modeling industry for the past 28 years, bringing new talents, trends, standards, and benchmark. Gautier has truly made the world of modeling more accessible, inclusive, and empowering for women by eradicating patriarchal norms and the pressing problems dubbed previously as “normal” or “standard procedures”.

She takes pride in her leadership and the entire fashion and modeling community which thanks her for her lasting influence. This is why; Gautier presents proven cases of empowered women in the following examples:

Your future depends on what you do today

“Is it just a coincidence that the only bank in Iceland that did not go bankrupt during the 2008 crisis had a woman as CEO? Three of the largest national banks were going bankrupt, leaving the island with debt equal to 10 times the sum of their turnover. Because? The CEOs of these three banks had taken on enormous capital risks, without considering the consequences that could have happened in the future but only thinking about maximizing the present’s revenues,” writes Gautier.

Truly, Halla Tómasdóttir, the Audor bank CEO, chose a more sustainable strategy, also thinking about future market trends. This strategy turned out to be a winner!

We are stronger together

As Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg knows that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. The more you can focus on the strengths of your people; the more competitive your team will be. This is advice for leaders who expect people on their teams to do what their manager dictates, rather than working with them to get the best result. “At Facebook, we create work around people rather than making people fit for work. We focus on people’s strengths by maximizing their added value and occupying our time to find ways to make this possible every day. ”

Patience is the virtue of the strong

She also quotes, Oprah Winfrey, who consistently features on the Forbes List of Richest Self-Made Women. This is just one of the long list in which it has positioned itself at the top. Oprah is convinced that she has not achieved her position only thanks to talent, but also thanks to her innate patience and perseverance: “Take an action that you have thought of and if you fail, try again and again. You will get better results the second time around. The only people who have never failed are the only ones who have never tried! ”

Stay true to yourself

According to Gautier, “loyalty to your colleagues, friends, and family is right, but at the same time, it is imperative to remain true to yourself.”

It is straightforward to let go of what you believe when you are under pressure to make a decision. Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair at Disney Media Networks & President of Disney ABC, has created her own rules and built a life worth living.

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