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7 tips on how to decide which sport to play

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Are you at the point where you want to start a new sports activity? How are you going to determine what is best for you and what will work well? Here are some thoughts on what to take into consideration to select a sport.

  1. Check on your physical characteristics
    No matter whether we like it or not, our physical characteristics will play a vital role in our lives in a plethora of issues. Paying attention to them is a way to embrace them and live in peace with ourselves. Short and thin people are ideal for horse riding and indoor gymnastics because being short helps you balance better. Tall and thin people are good sore some types of martial art like Tae Kwon Do. Lightweight helps athletes move fast while long arms and legs allow them to keep their opponents at a bigger distance. The list moves on and the physical characteristic may add a crucial advantage to your performance.
  2. Focus on what you like
    Doing something you like will not only allow you to have fun but also increases the possibilities to succeed in what you are doing. It is reasonable that doing something you adore will make you set your heart in it and finally perform better.
  3. Are you a team player?
    A vital criterion to see whether you would like to start a sport is whether it is for teams or individuals. There are team sports with many players and rival teams competing with one another, like basketball and soccer. There is also a sport where two individuals are set in terrain and try to defeat their opponent, like martial arts, and tennis. Finally, there are those where you compete with yourself. There might be others competing in a contest if you want to take that direction but you don’t have to have an opponent when you play them, such as indoor gymnastics, horse-riding, surfing, and skiing.
  4. Avoid doping
    If you want to start a career in a sport and there are many options for you, it is better to avoid sports where doping is common. For example, an amateur runner will not have to use drugs to improve his skills, but if he is about to go on races and do that for a living he should know that many athletes who he will have to compete with are using substances. Doping is a scourge and unfortunately, new drugs that cannot be detected from tests are being produced all the time.
  5. See what else it has to offer
    In many cases, it is not about the sport but about the thing it represents. Perhaps you want to choose a sport that will allow you to hang out with people from your class. Some people, especially younger ages, also want to impress people of the opposite sex or become popular in their school. These guys are more likely to pick basketball over tennis, right? Others may want something that includes traveling so they are expected to end up with something like skiing. It may even be important whether it is indoors or outdoors. Outdoor activities get you closer to nature but there is always the possibility to not be able to do your favorite activity due to bad weather conditions.
  6. Check availability
    On your way to succeeding in sports, it wouldn’t be harmful to see whether it is something that you can realistically do. Leaving in a warm place will not offer opportunities for skiing and being in a place where there is no beach will make surfing a probably unfortunate choice. Having facilities close to the place you stay should not be underestimated. Remember if circumstances make it too hard to follow you may quit at some point.
  7. Take a look at your circle of friends
    Perhaps you are a social personality and you don’t care most about the sport itself rather than the experience. Well, the experience will be greatly updated if you do your sport with a couple of friends. Besides, it is a way to hang out with your friends. Even people of bigger ages may use this criterion to select a sport. Limited time for social gatherings may leave them fewer choices on when to see their friends, so checking up with your close ones is not such a bad idea.

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