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Why being a doctor is so prestigious?

The profession of a doctor will always be important in society. However, it is, by all means, a challenge to follow this career as it involves a lot of studying, responsibility, and competition. They will always be in need. Nowadays, most people have the luxury to pay a visit to a private doctor and pay some attention to their physical and mental condition. The profession is useful and we all understand its great value to our lives.

Even TV series have been dedicated to doctors and the audience seems to love them. Take the example of ”Dr. House.” The lead actor, who was the doctor, was presented as a genius who was so good at his job that no one cared for the fact that he was a testy character. The fact that he saved lives where other people couldn’t was what would make him stand out. In this article, we present the five reasons why the status of physicians is so high.

  1. You got top marks in school
    Being a good student is not proof but it is definitely an indication of a high IQ. In addition, hard studying and long hours in front of your computer are required once you join a medical school. Doctors are subsequently highly educated and education is a vital factor in an individual’s personal development. The way the particular person will react as a member of society is far different from others who lack these valuable characteristics. The manners are different, people are overall well-behaved, and even their opinions on certain matters are expected to be more solid and based on the thinking of an open-minded person.

  2. The income is high
    Money is a sign of prosperity and it comes together with respect if not admiration for most of the time. Most specialties that a physician can pick include a respectable salary. Especially the ones that are involved with aesthetics are very fashionable. Both men and women are willing to spend a fortune to provide themselves with good looks and some doctors can promise miracles. But even for those who are not a part of this profitable industry, salaries for doctors all over the world are always higher compared to other professions. Taking into consideration the investment those people did to study this is completely rational.

  3. You save lives
    At this point, we honestly talk about something that has a real value and could totally justify the good reputation a doctor may have. Health is the most important thing in an average individual’s life. It is strictly connected with life and well-being. This fact is translated into power. The interesting part is that physicians are the beginning of this sequence. Even though money, is the way to reassure you of access to good hospitals, doctors themselves are the ones who have the final word. Some specialties, such as surgeons even have the power to literally save lives.

  4. It is a responsible profession
    Jokes aside, being a doctor is indeed difficult. You need to have a deep knowledge of your science to put it into practice on a human being. Mistakes are not allowed and even if you make some, other doctors can offer their medical advice to the patient or its relatives. Therefore, false decisions are hard to cover. The burden you carry on your shoulders is what makes society pay so much respect to this job. Surviving all the process from studying hard to avoiding any big or small mistakes along the way is appreciated as it should.

  5. Society thinks so
    It is a tradition all over the world that society believes that being a doctor carries a lot of prestige. When everyone knows from their experience up until now that doctors have all the characteristics that we mentioned above it is expected to believe that the profession of a doctor is synonymous with prosperity and wealth. This is how society works, using stereotypes. Until some of those are overcome people have the tendency to get stuck on some ideas and there is no greater stereotype than the one of a doctor as a profession of high status. Whether we like it or not the world functions that way and we will need a lot of decades to get over this particular stereotype.


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