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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - FaxDroid Vs Hellofax Review 2021

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FaxDroid Vs Hellofax Review 2021

Whether you are an individual or business you are bound to eventually send a fax at some points, even in the year 2021. As we speak there are still many organizations that rely heavily on fax technology due to legal and compliance reasons. Banks, medical clinics, lawyers are all examples of businesses that rely on this technology. In this article we are going to compare two of the best online fax services (FaxDroid and Hellofax) and help you decide which one to choose.

FaxDroid is one of the best free online fax services available. It allows you to send faxes without even registering for an account. It also offers additional premium features through its subscription plans.

Hellofax is another really great fax service offering users the ability to send and receive faxes for a monthly subscription of 10$/month.

Free Faxes

If you’re like us you probably don’t send fax often, and the first thing you are looking for is “which fax service offers the best free faxes”. Luckily both FaxDroid and Hellofax offer free faxes. As the two services work slightly differently their free services also differ. In this section we’ve explained the differences between the free faxes offered by these services.

FaxDroid offers 6 free pages of fax every day. To use their free faxes you don’t even need to register for an account. The limitation is that the free faxes are only offered for certain destinations and can only contain a maximum of 3 pages in each fax.

Hellofax on the other hand offers several different methods of sending free fax. Right off the bat they offer users a one time credit of 5 free pages of fax. The website also offers additional free faxes if you share them on social media however we weren’t able to get that feature actually working.

On top of their initial free faxes if you sign up for a monthly subscription (it does require a credit card on file) you will be able to get a 30 day free trial and if you cancel before the subscription ends you won’t be charged.

Pay as you go Faxing

While both services offer free faxes, the free faxes are limited in the number of pages you can send and the destinations supported by the free fax. There will be times that the free fax just isn’t enough. A great thing about FaxDroid is they offer pay as you go faxing. What this means is if you need to send a one time fax of 10 pages (something not available in the free plans) you only need to pay for the 10 pages. No subscriptions or monthly recurring payments are required. FaxDroids pay as you go pricing model works by providing a fixed price per page (which varies for high toll destinations) and you are charged based on the number of pages in your document. For example FaxDroid charges 0.1$/page to send faxes to the US. If you are sending a 10 page document this will cost you 1$.

Unfortunately HelloFax doesn’t offer any pay as you go faxing options without a monthly subscription plan. If you need to send a one time fax that is not covered by their free plans, you will need to upgrade to a monthly subscription, starting at 10$/month. If you exceed your monthly plans credit limit however they will charge you on a pay as you go basis, but this still requires being on a subscription plan which is not ideal for infrequent users.

International Faxing

Both services allow users to send faxes internationally. For FaxDroids pay as you go faxing the price per page is fixed based on the destination country. For example faxes to the US are charged at 0.1$/page while faxes to South Africa will be charged at 0.46$/page.

For subscription plans they both offer the same pricing model. Both services provide users with a monthly page credit. This is the number of pages you can send to low toll countries such as the US and Canada.Hellofax allows upto 300 pages a month to be faxed on their 10$/month plan, while FaxDroid allows 80 pages a month on their 5$/month subscription plan. When sending faxes to high toll destinations both services apply a multiplier to the pages sent. For example, Hellofax applies a multiplier of 5 to faxes to South Africa. If you are sending a 4 page document to South Africa it will take up 20 of your monthly page credits.

Cover Pages

Hellofax comes built in with the ability to include cover pages for your fax. This is ideal if you want to include a note or message to the recipient indicating who the fax is actually intended for.

Unfortunately FaxDroid on the other hand doesn’t have a built in feature allowing users to include a cover page. If a cover page is required you will need to upload that long with the rest of your documents.

Both FaxDroid and Hellofax are among the best fax services available. They both have modern and sleek designs, are very easy to use and come at a great price. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to send faxes often and only needs to send a few pages occasionally then FaxDroid is definitely the go to solution. With their pay as you go faxing you only end up paying for what you really need. On the other hand if you need business features such as document signing or a fax service that comes built in with a cover page then HelloFax would be a better alternative. We will leave the final decision to readers.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - FaxDroid Vs Hellofax Review 2021
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