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5 things we can learn from kids

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Kids are a real source of the forgotten knowledge that we used to carry when we were at their age. Their existence can only bring light to our world and this is why today we decided to talk about them. The things you will read below are more or less the most vital things you can gain from your interaction with them and we strongly recommend to pay attention to them.

  1. Embrace diversity
    For a person of a younger age, there is not such a strong perception of morality. Babies get born without carrying limiting beliefs. As we grow older, to understand the world that surrounds us we tend to generalize the assumptions we have from our experiences leading to a mindset that many times doesn’t prove helpful. At younger ages, most behaviors are accepted. Of course, being a part of society demands an amount of discipline to respect the needs of all members. At the same time, we tend to overdo it. Children like to keep things simple and they are a lot less judgmental with others. This is a perfect way to accept things that go a little bit out of the strict orders of ”normality” and it is a gift.
  2. Be playful and active
    Game is the key to knowledge. What characterizes people of younger ages is curiosity. Since we get born having absolutely no idea of the world that surrounds us, we have an instinct to explore as much as possible. Games cover our need to know things. When playing we understand the world, we learn ourselves and we can estimate our abilities. In the meanwhile, we connect with others and develop social skills. As we grow up we overthink and we act less. However, it is proven that in all modern societies thinking equals overthinking and most adults have to reduce the amount of time they spend to analyze things. The famous saying ”Live the moment” is for kids to tell us. Without realizing it they are showing us the way to peace and true happiness.
  3. Express freely
    Even though most kids have a phase where they are completely shy, their limited social skills make them honest. Adults, on the other hand, are always about what other people think. The image we reflect the world has turned into an obsession for most of us as if the life we live is not real. Young children and teenagers ask questions without being afraid they will be mocked. Considering that other kids of the same age have usually more harsh reactions, kids can be characterized as being very brave. It is many times due to their lack of ability to express in a complex, that they become honest. Expressing flows better because of their raw character and we could do the same.
  4. Face adversity
    Young people come to a world where everything is new and they have to fail in most things because they simply don’t have the experience to do things right. They are in constant exploration of new things, inspiring us to do the same. They are also in constant contact with the assumption that every time they fail, they will just have to go back and try again. This doesn’t sound scary to them since it is an everyday reality. They try something for the first time, they fail and they go ahead and try it again. If this is not a lesson to learn then tell me what is?
  5. Be kind
    Let’s accept the theory that people are good when they are born. It is simple things that catch along the way that make them suspicious and less open. However, this is not the only way we can be taught kindness from kids. Most of the things we mentioned have to do with imitating their behavior. In this case, it is their reactions that can show us the way to understanding. Because they are so sensitive and we have to approach them in a gentle way to get close to them, kids give us a wonderful example of how we should treat one another. Adults deserve to be treated with respect also. And the one who can benefit the most from this advice is ourselves. Treat yourself the way you would treat a child. In other words, treat yourself with plain and sincere love.
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