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5 Effective BUDGET-FRIENDLY time tracking software for your business

A must-have tool for any business, irrespective of their scale, is time tracking software.  As you may think, time tracking software only tracks time. Still, it helps understand your employees’ active participation in tasks and level your team’s productivity. Besides, time tracking software tracks your billable hours, thus simplifying the invoicing process as well.

Nowadays, these applications come up in combos with project management tools, scheduling, and workflow tracking. Sometimes, these combinations come with an affordable price too.

Here is a list of top five BUDGET-FRIENDLY time tracking software that fits your pocket for your business

  1. Time Doctor: Time Doctor is famous for its multi-functionality applications within one software. From time tracking to monitoring client dashboards, this software eases many complicated processes. With a starting price of $12, it is a great steal for the money. And, the best part is that Time Doctor integrates with payment and invoicing tools to smoothen your cash flow. Its trademark is its detailed reports on employees’ activity, allots time for “one task at a time,” thus ensuring employee performance effectiveness. You can also access it on multiple devices, which generates the websites accessed on each device separately.
  2. actiTIME: To gain more benefits, spend fewer efforts to manage your time. With actiTIME, you can get access to customizable reports on time tracking, invoicing, and project management all in one place. actiTIME carries out the rich functionality of on-time tracking such as sick leave off, time off registration, overtime tracking, and task management estimation.

    Fascinatingly, you can use the options you need and turn off the features you don’t use, thus customizing your needs with less storage space. In addition to that, it securely safeguards all your data in the web cloud. All these functions are available at $5, which is the cherry on the cake.

  3. TimeCamp: If you track time-based on billable hours, then TimeCamp is the best fit for your business. It is the top choice for many leading firms in the world. TimeCamp automates the tracking process and assigns it to your tasks and projects skillfully.  Apart from that, it offers attendance tracking, and billing & invoicing. Interestingly, the pricing starts from $5.25. You can even transfer the data seamlessly from the existing time tracking app you are using to TimeCamp.

  4. Jibble: Won’t you feel lucky when you get invoicing, time tracking, and attendance management at just $1.50? Incredible, right? Jibble is specially made to monitor multi-faceted activities for various industries at a low cost. Employees can clock in their working time, during which the app records the working hours. Furthermore, it provides a complete picture of the employees’ performance through detailed reporting and timesheet tools. Even it has cool features like capturing a selfie using its mobile app to encourage people to work.
  5. OnTheClock: From choosing a punch recognition to timekeeping, OnTheClock provides on-point services that suit your business model regardless of the business type. It has QuickBooks integrated payroll management at $7.50, which is a budget-friendly option you rarely find in the market. You can invariably change your employee’s shift and schedule based on the convenience of witnessing stable productivity. Moreover, it has a friendly user interface to import and export data and access the tool without any training.

Conclusion: Time tracking software is a good investment for your business. Intuitively, look for multivariate software that incorporates other essential needs like project management, accounting, billing, invoicing, and payroll management. By doing this, you can make the right purchase for your business.

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