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Where celebrities live in Los Angeles

The United States provides the largest industry of show in western civilization over the last decades. The celebrities that rise from this country are usually making an international career, and no matter where you come from, you are most likely to recognize them if you come across them. Los Angeles specifically is the city that stands out the most regarding celebrities. Perhaps due to the fact that Hollywood and many filming studios are there, LA is a must for those interested in glamour. This article is not so much about where wealthy people live in LA, but where stars live. However, most of the places are for sure overpriced. If you want to buy a property close to the wealthy and famous of the world, or if you want to wander around in a neighborhood where meeting Johnny Jack Nickolson is possible, here are some suggestions regarding where you should go.

  1. Downtown and West Hollywood
    Some people would rather be next to the city center of Los Angeles, where the heart of the city beats and gives these vibes of warmth and satisfaction. This is for authentic stars who want to have the feeling that they are in the center of events all year long, close to their funs and noise. Prices are not as high as next to the beach, but they do not define what we would call ”affordable residencies.” Actors like  Johnny Depp, Diane Keaton, Johnny Depp, and Nicolas Cage felt comfortable enough to buy their properties here. Together with them, Jennifer Anniston, also starring in ”friends” and the former wife of Brad Pitt, lives here. The filmmaker Vincent Gallo is also one of the habitants of this area.
  2. Malibu
    For those who prefer to stay close to nature and the sea, away from over-crowded city centers, Malibu is the perfect place. Due to the residents that live there, the area is also equipped with plenty of prestigious boutiques and art galleries. The reason why the area is so beloved by celebrities is that it provides a great amount of privacy for those who want to escape the lights of fame once in a while. Malibu in LA is the home for Steven Spielberg, maybe one of the most legendary directors of modern Hollywood, as well as Jack Nickolson. Cindy Crawford, the well-known model and actress, also lives in the neighborhood. Other actresses that you may have the chance to bump into are Hally Berry, Courteney Cox from ”friends”.
  3. Bel Air
    Bel Air is supposed to be relatively close to the center, but in no way is it overcrowded and noisy. People who have their lavish homes here are familiar with the concept of luxury. Renting one bedroom here will cost you probably more than $ 3,000. For some reason, this is a preference for musicians mostly, since here you may run into Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Jay Z., The famous rapper, is also the co-owner of NBA, Brooklyn Nets and ex-manager of Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records. The renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk, a legend in the space industry, has decided to set his home in this wonderful neighborhood. Jennifer Aniston owns a property here also.
  4. Los Feliz
    Los Feliz is the Spanish version to describe ”the happy ones”. It is about a peaceful area on the hill that attracts established and upcoming artists. Angelina Jolie, another ex-wife of Brad Pitt, has her house here. At the same time, the director of ”Titanic”, an eleven Oscar awards film of 1997, James Cameron, lives there. Do you wanna have a guess of who else you may see here? Well, Katty Perry, who currently lives there with Ornado Bloom, is also a resident. What we adore about this neighborhood is that apart from its attraction to stars, it is also unique and breathtaking, including the Vista Theatre and the Greek Theatre.
  5. Studio City
    Studio City is right over the hill of Hollywood. The area took its name after the CBS Studio Center, which dates from the time of silent cinema. George Clooney, with his family, lives there in the 90s, as well as Bruno Mars. One-bedroom rental is a little more than $ 2,00 per month. Although it doesn’t provide great privacy, it addresses those who want to mix with the crowds only when they decide to. Hiking the Wilacre Park gives you the opportunity to admire the view of the Valley, while at Ventura Avenue, you will find all sorts of restaurants and bars.
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