Friday, January 15, 2021

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How to attract women – 5 tips to get close

Women are very focused on finding the right guy. Many times they start a relationship with the expectation to lead to the church’s stairs. Nowadays, this is not so common, but as people grow up, they start to think about things differently, and they expect them to have a particular outcome. But how will you convince a lady to stick with you? One has to realize the needs the opposite sex has to be able to attract them. Men who have grown up with people of both genders seem to understand better what women deeply want. The sexual intercourse, the companionship, and the way the couple reflects their image to society are rather important to any relationship. However, each sex seems to go after different things from their other half. What is it that women are so eager to find in a man? Let’s have a look at what it is that attracts women like honey attracts bees.

  1. Security: Times have changed, but still, we live in a man’s world. Opportunities are unfortunately better for men. Women have an understanding of the situation and they want to feel secure in all aspects. Being the ones who are expected to bring new life and spend a part of their lives taking care of babies, they need to make sure their future husband will be able to provide for them. Security does not only include the financial aspect, though. It also means they have a shoulder to lean in all cases. They need to have a strong figure next to them that will support them when they feel vulnerable.
  2. Support: In our society, women have to succeed as mothers, but at the same time, they have to perform well in multiple roles. They want to make a career and succeed. Sometimes, they even copy men’s behaviors and expect to experience the acceptance that usually men enjoy. To achieve their goals, they look for a partner who will recognize this need and provide them with support and understanding. Women are very open in praising their partners and building their self-esteem, but at some point, they will expect you to do the same. A good word, something that the cruel world we live in is not willing to give, may be essential.
  3. Communication: Women are loving and affective creatures and they seek communication in all aspects of their lives. While men tend to be more distant, women are attracted to those who let a part of their female side come to light. They need to have deep conversations about life and they are always happy when they see that this is not something that only they want. Feeling that the need for communication is mutual will help them relax and feel more comfortable in the relationship. Remember, communication is not only accomplished in a verbal way. Touching and hugs can also play a critical role in passing the message that you are open to the other person. They are often more mature emotionally, and they feel lonely when they realize no one is on the same board.
  4. Romance: Being romantic is tip number one to still a woman’s heart. Bring flowers, open the door, and compliment her looks. Being romantic is underestimated by men, thinking it is pointless. On the other side, women know that it is the details that form a successful relationship. Romance brings a note of magic and helps you believe in love as a concept. It should, for no reason, be disregarded. Besides, men who act like this remind women of older times when men used to be different. Adopting this behavior is a sign that you understand your woman’s needs and you are willing to please her.
  5. Fun: In order for any relationship to last, it has to be fun. It may not seem crucial, but don’t forget that many times, women fall in love with the funniest guy in a group. Humour is a sign of high IQ and women respect that. They would love you to bring adventure and excitement to the relationship, whatever this means for each couple. Some people like to have sports, some people like to experiment in sex, and some people like to have common activities. Whatever fun means for each woman, they are happy to experience that. Men are often more energetic and it is this side of their personality that attracts women. Let the child come out of you and they will adore you.
Anna Siampani
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