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Why the new generation is addicted to technology?

Addiction to technology dominates all psychiatrists’ conferences as a subject that has to be examined furtherly. In the past, when we talked about addiction, we mainly referred to substances. Nowadays, technology is present and dangerous, far more than substances. Before we move further let’s make a quick clarification between the internet and technology addiction. In the first case we refer only to people who depend on the internet, while in the second case we talk about the impulse control disorder that has to do with any technology. It includes gaming, the internet, and generally addiction to any kind of screen. Younger ages suffer a lot and the reasons why people turn there have to be examined to see how we can overcome any issues related to tech addiction.

  1. It helps detour social anxiety
    Turning to technology is a perfect way to avoid being with people. Those who have difficulty in social relationships feel protected when they hide behind their screen. The effort one has to make, to get to know another person, can be easily avoided since there are plenty of things to do with your pc that do not involve other people. Shyness is a common characteristic of those who suffer from this type of disorder. It is not a coincidence that nerds are often people who lack social skills.
  2. It is a social phenomenon
    Society is built up this way that all kids and teenagers in the western world have the luxury to owe a mobile and a laptop. You expect that when friends gather they will deal with things other than technology. They will catch up, share their news, maybe gossip a little bit. Right? Wrong. Well, you see, when most of them are addicted to watching a screen all the time, it is difficult even for those who don’t have that tendency to keep away from their mobiles. They meet their friends, but basically they don’t meet them. They just meet a bunch of people who are into their phones and barely talk to them
  3. It is designed to work that way
    Screens are bright, colorful, and the way we interact with them makes it so easy to use them. With mobiles, we don’t even have to type. We touch the screen, and we interact extremely quickly; on top of all that, take the example of social media. Look how easy it is to express your agreement and disagreement with something. You do a ”like,” and you deliver the message. On the other hand, the one who posts and gets ”likes” also has a positive experience. Every time you see a ”like”, dopamine is released from the brain and your brain sends signs of satisfaction to your whole body. This is how addiction grows. What makes the internet and technology in general so attractive is that things can be done extremely quickly. Once you get used to that it is hard to concentrate and keep the focus on other stuff for a long time. You are simply used to doing things quickly, and be overwhelmed with emotions in an equally short amount of time.
  4. It is essential
    The fact that technology is necessary makes it hard to keep it out of ou lives. Your boss wants you to answer his emails immediately; teachers expect pupils to connect to start teaching their lessons and everything essential throughout the day seems to be related to technology. People who pay you or have a role of supervision in your life are important. If they say you have to use email as the primary tool of your interaction, you will eventually do it. The situation makes it super easy to get lost in translation and become addicted, without even realizing it and computers are here to stay.
  5. It is a sign of depression
    Depression can take a lot of forms. It is not only about staying in your pyjamas, not feeling like doing anything. Some people become touchy; some people become passive and silent; some people turn to their computers. Whatever is out there to ease the pain, will be used to help people overcome their issues. Anything that you might do too much is a sign that something doesn’t go well. It can be shopping, technology, substances or whatever. No matter how it appears in someone’s life watch out cause it has a message to pass.

Written by Anna Siampani.

Anna Siampani
Anna Siampani, Lifestyle Editorial Director at the CEOWORLD magazine, working with reporters covering the luxury travel, high-end fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. As lifestyle editorial director, Anna oversees CEOWORLD magazine's daily digital editorial operations, editing and writing features, essays, news, and other content, in addition to editing the magazine's cover stories, astrology pages, and more. You can reach Anna by mail at