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The Richest Major Sport Club Owners In The World For 2020, Ranked (Sports And Billionaires)

Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani

With a net worth of approximately $77 billion, Mukesh Ambani, who owns Indian Premier League cricket club Mumbai Indians, is the richest sports team owner in the world for 2020, followed by Amancio Ortega (net worth $73.5 billion); and Steve Ballmer (net worth $71.9 billion). Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, bought the Clippers in 2014 for $2 billion.

Through petrochemicals, oils, and gas company Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani has made an astonishing $77 billion. He lives in a home at the Antilia Building said to be worth around $1 billion. Yes, that’s right. Read it again and weep. Ortega made his money in fashion and is the founder of high-street favorite Zara.

Steve Ballmer is, of course, the former chief executive of Microsoft. Over the years, the American businessman amassed a wealth of a whopping $71.9 billion. In 2014, he became the owner of LA Clippers – acquiring the NBA team for $2 billion.

Rounding out the top five are Carlos Slim ($58.4 billion) and François Pinault ($45.2 billion). In total, 91 billionaires made the cut who are majority owners or managing partners of major sports franchises. They are worth $905 billion collectively. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Daniel Gilbert is the 6th richest team owner in the world, worth $43.8 billion.

The Richest Major Sport Club Owners In The World For 2020

RankNameSportNet worth
1Mukesh AmbaniCricket$77 billion
2Amancio Ortega Football (Segunda División B – Group 1)$73.5 billion
3Steve BallmerBasketball (NBA)$71.9 billion
4Carlos SlimFootball (Liga MX)$58.4 billion
5François Pinault & FamilyFootball (Ligue 1)$45.2 billion
6Daniel GilbertBasketball (NBA)$43.8 billion
7David Thomson & FamilyIce Hockey (NHL)$39.4 billion
8Sheikh Mansour Football (Premier League, MLS, A League)$30 billion
9Dietrich MateschitzFootball (MLS), Formula One, Football (Austrian Budesliga)$28 billion
10Dietmar HoppFootball (Bundesliga)$15.5 billion
11Robert PeraBasketball (NBA)$15 billion
12Hasso Plattner & FamilyIce Hockey (NHL)$14.7 billion
13Andrea AgnelliFootball (Serie A)$13.5 billion
14Roman AbramovichFootball (Premier League)$13.5 billion
15Lakshmi MittalFootball (EFL Championship)$13.5 billion
16Joseph TsaiBasketball (NBA)$13 billion
17David TepperAmerican Football (NFL)$13 billion
18Mikhail ProkhorovBasketball (NBA)$11.4 billion
19John FredriksenFootball (Norwegian Football Cup)$10.3 billion
20Philip AnschutzIce Hockey (NHL) Football (MLS)$10.1 billion
21Ann KroenkeAmerican Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA), Football (Premier League, MLS), Ice Hockey (NHL)$9.2 billion
22Jerry JonesAmerican Football (NFL)$8.5 billion
23Stanley KroenkeAmerican Football (NFL), Football (Premier League and MLS), Basketball (NBA), Ice Hockey (NHL)$8.3 billion
24Nasser Al-KhelaifiFootball (Ligue 1)$8 billion
25Shahid KhanAmerican Football (NFL) Football (Premier League)$7.9 billion
26Nassef SawirisFootball (Premier League)$7.9 billion
27Zhang JindongFootball (Serie A)$7.8 billion
28Stephen RossAmerican Football (NFL)$7.2 billion
29Silvio BerlusconiFootball (Italian Serie A)$7.2 billion
30Guo GuangchangFootball (Premier League)$6.8 billion
31Dmitry RybolovlevFootball (Ligue 1)$6.7 billion
32Robert KraftAmerican Football (NFL) Football (MSL)$6.6 billion
33Micky ArisonBasketball (NBA)$6.3 billion
34Arthur BlankAmerican Football (NFL)$6 billion
35Tom GoresBasketball (NBA)$5.7 billion
36Henry SamueliIce Hockey (NHL)$5.6 billion
37Edward P. RoskiIce Hockey (NHL)$5.5 billion
38Terrence PegulaAmerican Football (NFL) Ice Hockey (NHL)$5.1 billion
39Charles DolanBasketball (NBA) Ice Hockey (NHL)$5.1 billion
40Joe LewisFootball (Premier League)$4.9 billion
41Joshua HarrisFootball (Premier League), Ice Hockey (NHL)$4.9 billion
42Ted LernerBaseball (MLB)$4.8 billion
43The Glazer FamilyFootball (Premier League)$4.7 billion
44John CoatesFootball (Premier League)$4.7 billion
45Stephen BisciottiAmerican Football (NFL)$4.6 billion
46Rocky WirtzIce Hockey (NHL)$4.4 billion
47Mark CubanBasketball (NBA)$4.2 billion
48Charles JohnsonBaseball (MLB)$4.2 billion
49Tilman FertittaBasketball (NBA)$4.2 billion
50Marian IlitchIce Hockey (NHL), Baseball (MLB)$4.1 billion
51Antony ResslerBasketball (NBA)$4.1 billion
52David BondermanIce Hockey (NHL)$4 billion
53Aiyawatt SrivaddhanaprabhaFootball (Premier League)$4 billion
54Janice McNairAmerican Football (NFL)$3.9 billion
55Michael AshleyFootball (Premier League)$3.9 billion
56Craig LeipoldIce Hockey (NHL)$3.6 billion
57Daryl KatzIce Hockey (NHL)$3.6 billion
58Michael RubinBasketball (NBA)$3.5 billion
59Arturo MorenoBaseball (MLB)$3.4 billion
60John MiddletonBaseball (MLB)$3.4 billion
61Gayle BensonBasketball (NBA), American Football (NFL)$3.3 billion
62Francesco AquiliniIce Hockey (NHL)$3.3 billion
63Gao JishengFootball (Premier League)$3.1 billion
64Denis O'BrienFootball (Scottish Premier League)$3.1 billion
65Rinat AkhmetovFootball (Ukrainian Premier League)$3 billion
66James IrsayAmerican Football (NFL)$3 billion
67John P. McConnellIce Hockey (NHL)$3 billion
68Jimmy HaslamAmerican Football (NFL)$2.9 billion
69John FisherBaseball (MLB)$2.9 billion
70Herb SimonBasketball (NBA)$2.9 billion
71Joe RickettsBaseball (MLB)$2.9 billion
72John W HenryFootball (Premier League), Baseball (MLB)$2.8 billion
73Guochuan LaiFootball (Premier League)$2.8 billion
74Jeffrey LurieAmerican Football (NFL)$2.7 billion
75Tom GaglardiIce Hockey (NHL)$2.7 billion
76Daniel SnyderAmerican Football (NFL)$2.6 billion
77Jeremy JacobsIce Hockey (NHL)$2.6 billion
78Farhad MoshiriFootball (Premier League)$2.5 billion
79Glen Taylor Basketball (NBA)$2.5 billion
80Vincent ViolaIce Hockey (NHL)$2.5 billion
81Stephen LansdownFootball (EFL Championship)$2.3 billion
82Gail MillerBasketball (NBA)$1.9 billion
83Ray DavisBaseball (MLB)$1.9 billion
84Brian RobertsIce Hockey (NHL)$1.9 billion
85Marc LasryBasketball (NBA)$1.8 billion
86Geoff MolsonIce Hockey (NHL)$1.7 billion
87Michael JordanBasketball (NBA)$1.6 billion
88Larry TanenbaumIce Hockey (NHL) Canadian Football League, Football (MLS), Basketball (NBA) $1.5 billion
89Jerry ReinsdorfBasketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB)$1.5 billion
90Ronald Burkle Ice Hockey (NHL)$1.4 billion
91Theodore LeonsisIce Hockey (NHL)$1.4 billion
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