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How work affects relationships and how to skip problems

Career, family, social life, and health seem to be the four pillars of a healthy life. But what happens when one of them stunts the evolvement of another one. It is vital to keep a balance between all of them so that they can mess up your life and happiness. Work together with technology, keep coming up every moment to disturb the peace we seek to find. On the other hand, relationships and family are there to support and feed our inner child with feelings of security and joy. It would be a shame to underestimate their significance and mistreat them. So, when does this issue appear, and how can we recognize it? It certainly does not happen within a day, and it is maybe a pattern we tend to follow that at some point reveals its destructive outcomes. Below we comment on some of the signs that should concern us and the possible solutions to all that.

  1. You don’t have time
    The lack of time is probably an issue in any case. It is rather annoying to want to schedule a night with your partner or your family and have to work late. You should try to manage your time, and you should never bring work home. Make sure your work stops when you leave your office. If you work from home, delimit your space and time of employment. Don’t carry your work to the rest of the house and to the rest of your life, and make it clear to your business partners that you are only available for a specific period during the day. Try to keep your weekends free from work, and you will notice not only a further bonding with your beloved ones but also an increase in your productivity.

  2. You get stressed
    The impact of work is not only practical, but it comes in our lives in psychological terms as well. In a world where work dominates our daily lives, the levels of stress we experience are pretty high. This creates issues to our physical and mental health and, of course, creates problems in our relationships. We are so absorbed with the issues at work that we lose focus. We cannot relax and let ourselves feel free to experience intimacy in a relationship. A recent study revealed that the average student nowadays is more stressed than the soldiers who fought in World War II. Incredible but true, this is how people today face their reality. Our inner conditions are the key to a successful relationship. How can we expect to be giving with our partner when we are distracted by stress? To avoid stress, you need a whole different approach to your career and focus on the positive things that your work provides you. If you find difficulty doing that, it means you have to pay further attention to the matter.

  3. You become distant
    The heavy schedule and stress we mentioned above usually make us distant. We believe that we are the only people suffering from these feelings of discomfort and disappointment. However, this is not the case. Almost every person who works today is being affected personally, and this is something that has to be shared. Don’t assume that your partner is always happy with their work either. If you reveal your feelings to the people you love, they will probably want to help you. It is also evident that they will feel encouraged to open up as well. Your relationship will deepen instead of getting more distant. If you have kids, don’t underestimate them. Talking with them will fill your heart with peace. They might even give suggestions if they are a little older and give you a whole new perspective on the matter. No one has ever been harmed by sharing, so you’d better choose this road if you want to see your relationship thrive.

  4. Give space
    The way you are having issues in your work that affect you, the same way your partner might face difficulties in work. Adding the problems between you two, the condition might be unbearable. Don’t push things and give yourself a break if things get in another direction. We do relationships to be happier and more complete. If this doesn’t happen for some time, it is pointless to force things. Instead, you would better leave some space to breathe and reconnect when you both feel better. If you try to take more out of the relationship, you will break up and experience the feelings that follow a painful breakup. Giving space is a way to protect your emotions and keep the positive feelings that you have for your partner. Chose to spend some quality time with them, and if you are not emotionally available, don’t force yourself to socialize and communicate with anyone.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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