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How to show your appreciation?

Being able to express a cheerful feeling is essential. The days we live to demand a friendly approach between us. Society seems to grow and become more mature, and signs of gratitude and respect are necessary. Whether you are in a working environment where colleagues are competitive or in a demanding marriage where romance seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, a sign of kindness has to appear at some point. Relationships need that to survive.

Especially, the young ones who are usually less confident are the ones who need support the most. Friendship also needs a boost from time to time. Any relationship should be treated as a living creature, where you have to give in order to get back. If your skills are not yet perfect in this playground, below, we have six beautiful suggestions on how to pass positivity to the people around you.

  1. Compliment
    Start with the most straightforward way that is available, which is to compliment someone. To do that, you have to watch out for some things. If you want to boost someone’s mood, you don’t have to figure out a good lie to make them happy. Try to focus on the positive parts of their personality, behavior, and appearance, and things will start to flow. If you are realistic, it is more possible that the person who receives the compliment will feel good. They will be genuinely happy, and a good relationship between you two will start to grow. Words of affirmation are expected to be well received.

  2. Gifts
    Giving a gift is another sign of appreciation and affection. It might be your colleague, your wife, or perhaps your parents or kids. Whoever receives the gift will be excited with the idea that he is being taken care of. Besides, traditionally we exchange gifts to celebrate something, announce a pleasant event, or declare our devotion to a person. The significance of this gesture in our society is high. Some people often share gifts with their beloved ones when they are depressed to cheer them up. Show your gratitude and appreciation and invest in people’s happiness; it will come back to you.

  3. Physical touch
    Physical touch is crucial, and we highly recommend it if your relationship with the other person allows it. It is not only a sign of respect, but it can also mean you have positive feelings towards them. Body language in general is supposed to be stronger than words. Whatever is included in the non-verbal communication should help you communicate your appreciation to people. As long as the other person is open to this form of communication, you can take advantage of the situation, always having good intentions.

  4. Providing a service
    Leaving yourself to the disposal of another human being is a generous act. A giving person will never hesitate to spend some time helping others. Our society is very self-centered, and these gestures tend to extinct. People usually think it is a waste of time and prefer to do something time-consuming. Right actions though are being noticed, and they are typically rewarded. When you adopt this behavior, it is more probable that you will also receive the other person’s help later on. It is, therefore, apparent that we talk about a win-win situation.

  5. Spend time with them
    Spending some quality time is the perfect way to show your appreciation and concern for someone else. Grab a coffee together and encourage people to open up, showing them that you are present to their needs. A good listener is valuable. Apart from the discussions, you can also try to do things together. An activity you both enjoy is a terrific way to bond and create an essential relationship with the other person.

  6. Trust them
    In the competitive environment that we live nowadays, it’s all about trust. If you want to communicate your respect, the best way is to let them know you. If you don’t feel comfortable about sharing a secret, you don’t have to go very deep. Just point out that their opinion has value for you, and they will take the message. Wouldn’t you be flattered if someone confined something to you? Well, guess what? The same applies to everyone.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - How to show your appreciation?
Anna Siampani
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