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How to improve your perception to succeed?

The elemental powers that help us be functional are quite simple. People who seem to have abundance over some fundamental forces that are connected to our human nature tend to thrive and live peacefully with themselves and the people that surround them. Going deep into the significance of our inner possibilities and potential, we will see that it is the things we were born with that helped us survive, and not the skills we improved later on in our lives.

  1. Curiosity and experimentation
    Nature has given humans the remarkable ability to learn. It was necessary for our survival at first since other creatures were better equipped to fight us. For some, learning is the core meaning of our existence. Curiosity is the outcome of this inner need. The level of interest we have regarding the outer world is what will serve as a motivation to explore the surrounding environment. We refer to the ”childlike” curiosity. In other words, the condition where we are authentically curious about how things work. As long as this exists inside you, it will not be late until you feel the need to experiment. That practically means that you will have the willingness to try anything to discover what it is. Richard Feynman said: ”Every child is a scientist. I am just a child who never lost its curiosity”.

  2. Confidence and action
    Taking your experience into account, you have to go one step further and act. When is the proper time to take action? When do we stop learning and start doing? We never stop learning, but we always have to stay active. This is the technique of ”Act As If”. The concept of this theory is summarized in the behavior where we act as if we know something or as if something is correct, without being 100% sure that this is the case. We might be wrong, and we might be right. However, when we decide to take action, we bring all of our confidence and courage to act as if we are doing the right thing. The positivity of this belief has two benefits. The first is that it drives us to take action, and we do not stay passive. The second is that when we start acting, we do it in such a confident way that it is more likely to succeed.

  3. Flexibility and adaptation
    Flexibility is a way to adapt to different conditions. This is what all living beings do in order to survive. Humans also have to perform well on this particular skill to succeed. However, it is crucial not only to adapt under stressful conditions but at the same time to be flexible enough to cooperate with the rest of the group. The person with the most flexible behavior has the best influence on others. Those with the best flexibility are able to control the outcome of every communication. You have to be at least as flexible as the other person to communicate with them. Imagine you have a team of people. In that case, you have to have the flexibility of each person on all levels to dominate the discussion. On top of that, you need to hold yourself responsible for the outcome of all conversations.

  4. Communication and control
    Nothing will go further if we don’t develop further our ability to express ourselves and communicate with others. If you want to make sure you know something, try to explain it to a 5-year-old child. If the child understands what you’re saying, you can go ahead and explain your theory to an adult. If you lose the audience’s attention or understanding, this means either your view has gaps, or you have lacked in passing your message to other people. In any case, it is not the audience who has an issue. This theory is established because the person who addresses his opinion to others is the one who takes an active role. You are the starter of the discussion, and the audience holds a relatively passive attitude at this point. When they have to get back to you is where their contribution begins. In the beginning, though, until they fully understand the topic, you have the responsibility to pass the message.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - How to improve your perception to succeed?
Anna Siampani
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