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Top Unique Wedding Venues in The United States

Marriage is such a special ceremony that many religions call it a ”mystery”. The holiness that surrounds this rare occasion has driven people to transform this day into a glorious day of their lives. It is essential to find a site that can serve your guests properly and leave you satisfied on all levels. The location where the ceremony or the party will take place is essential and has to be one of a kind.

Whether you are looking for something that assembles to a palace, or you want something more alternative for that day, there are a plethora of recommendations to book in the United States. The important thing is to fit your taste and make you feel comfortable. So, are you still looking for a venue to host your special day and please the guests? Here are some of the best options you can see across the mainland of the United States.

  1. The Green Valley Ranch, Montana
    The Green Valley Ranch is described as an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It is not surrounded by any vegetation, and no human activity takes place near the ranch. Sounds strange, but there’s a reason for such privacy. The location gives you the opportunity to have an outdoor party and have music as loud as you want without bothering other people. The ranch is in Coram, Montana, and is an ideal venue for a summer wedding. The hall is in the center of the city, and you might even watch trains pass by while you move on the dancefloor, which is as big as two football fields!
  2. Main Street Station, Virginia
    Welcome to Richmond of Virginia and combine a wonderful wedding with the distinctive beauty of Richmond. The venue is super glamorous and is at the center of Richmond. Don’t get surprised if you see the trains pass by while you dine. The dance floor is the size of two football fields, and the windows are impressive since they cover all the space from the floor to the ceiling. It is rather recommended for people who want to combine the wedding with a cosmopolitan note that reminds the scenery of a movie.
  3. National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.
    A superb choice for those who want to have a unique experience! The idea is quite eccentric and gives the guests the opportunity to dine, dance, and at the same time, admire pieces of art. The NMWA holds some of the women’s more splendid masterpieces. It has been a while since it started being a popular choice for many people who intend to get married and it surely worth to know its existence.
  4. Ventana Big Sur, California
    It would be a shame to drop ideas on where to get married in the United States and skip California. The state is one of the richest in the USA, and a reason for that is because it is magnificent and attracts a lot of tourists. The Ventana Big Sur has won awards for its service, and people here have put a lot of effort into making the site stylish. There are rooms with Japanese soaking tubs and tents that give you the sense you are on safari. The place is surrounded by California’s unique vegetation, and even if you plan to get married outside in the daytime, there is plenty of shadow from the trees.
  5. Uppercut Boxing Gym, Minnesota
    Yeap, you heard right, that is correct. Uppercut Boxing Gym is in Minneapolis of Minnesota and is an old industrial building. It can be specially decorated to host events that differ from the majority. The boxing ring usually works as a stage for the band or the D.J., while some people prefer to place the bar at the center of the boxing ring. The private yard is full of graffiti, and we would admit it is a weird but yet fun alternative for a venue.
  6. Wild Basin Lodge, Colorado
    As humanity’s greediness grows, not a few are those who prefer to organize their wedding in a more sustainable way. At the border of Rocky Mountain National Park in Allenspark, you can live the experience of an alternative, and at the same time, elegant wedding. The planners offer zero-waste wedding packages, and they have proven very popular. Actually, due to the fact that there are not many companies that provide this type of service in the United States, you should make sure you make your booking on time. Leftovers are donated to Wildlife Animal Sanctuary, and alcohol is provided by breweries that work in the same practice.
  7. Bevolo, Louisiana
    This practically reminds me more of a restaurant than a loft. The reason we recommend Bevolo in New Orleans of Louisiana is because it is a cute and graceful place with handmade lanterns and decoratives that catch people’s attention. Its architecture is unique and romantic. To upgrade the experience, you can exchange vows at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. The music that will accompany the ceremony here will be unique since you are in New Orleans, so be sure that this is going to be special!

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Top Unique Wedding Venues in The United States
Anna Siampani
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