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Top Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in Europe for 2021

Coronavirus may have come into our world, but life goes on. When the virus appeared initially, many events, baby showers, and even weddings were postponed expecting the storm to pass and return to routine. The way things turned out, we all understand that until the vaccine is ready, nothing is going to be the same. Simultaneously, we feel the need to fulfill our desires and move on with some things that were in our plans. Finding the perfect venue to host your wedding or conference is not an easy task. Especially if you want the event to be memorable for the guests, you have to take care of some details. To make your life easier, we have selected among a variety of high-class options to choose from for your next event.

  1. Dukes London, United Kingdom
    The United Kingdom may not be the most romantic country globally; it is well known though for its royal tradition. You see, the existence of a Queen and a whole royal family is so tight to English people’s culture that marrying to a place where royals were married is a realistic option. This recommendation will probably drive your expectations to high levels since it is the venue that hosted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were united as a married couple. Five minutes from Buckingham Palace, it is the perfect place to get married. To upgrade your experience with your beloved partner, enjoy the hotel’s Duke of Clarence Penthouse Suite.

  2. Villa Balbiano, Italy
    Italy has always been famous for its elegance and taste in aesthetics. At the coast of Lake Como in Northern Italy, you have the chance to book Villa Balbiano and get married at one of the sites where many celebrities have chosen to marry their partners. Due to its geography, you can see the view of the lake and the mountains. The sight is spectacular, and the structure that will host the event is full of expensive marbles and well-preserved gardens. Besides, a trip to Italy can always be combined with an excellent vacation for the guests and a memorable honeymoon for the bride and groom.

  3. Château du Grand-Lucé, France
    France is a romantic destination, and many newlyweds pick it to spend their honeymoon. The language of the people here, together with the well-preserved building, travel you through times where technology was absent. The structure was built in 1700, but it was not until recently that it was renovated as a hotel by Timothy Corrigan. The chateau is in the Loire Valley in France and has 15 suites. There are many dining rooms and a grand salon to host the main event, and the gardens are terrifically groomed.

  4. Villa Veneziano, Greece
    Villa Veneziano is located on the island of Lefkada in Greece, and it is probably appropriate for people who are planning to marry in summer or spring. This beautiful island’s majestic beaches are the perfect opportunity to combine a glorious wedding with an ultra-relaxing vacation. The Villa is fantastic and has a view of the Ionian Sea. The island airport makes it accessible and will help you avoid changing flights and get you directly to your destination. Either way, the island is also connected by road to the mainland, so you will not face any problem arriving there.

  5. Conservatorium, Netherlands
    This place is in Amsterdam and is suggested for people looking for an alternative to palaces and classical taste. It’s in the heart of the capital, close to the Van Gogh Museum. The hotel used to serve as a bank and as a music conservatory. Its location provides an outstanding view of the city, while the interior is nicely decorated with contemporary art and luxurious furniture. It can also host conferences and a variety of events. Describing it may sound less romantic, but the space will be decorated according to your directions.

  6. The Dolder Grand, Switzerland
    Switzerland has only expensive venues and hotels, so if you want to book a place for your wedding here, you won’t have difficulty finding a superb option. People who work at The Dolder Grand have a lot of experience in hosting weddings. The hotel offers celebration packages for couples. Private spas, massages, and facials will make the bride shine on her special day and help the couple relax and prepare for the big night. The venue is in the center of Zurich and gives a fabulous view of the city. The dance floor is vast and elegant, and the ballroom is 400 hundred square meters.

Written by Anna Siampani.

CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Top Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in Europe for 2021
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