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CEO Spotlight: Nick Lai – Mastering Digital Age With Malaysia’s Best Digital Marketing Agency

Nick Lai

In a world where writers work in solitude, their imprinted expressions unquestionably speak louder than any form of craft. Nick Lai, Managing Director of multiple brands may be famous for being an elite and thriving entrepreneur, but his writing has been relatively a great addition in his chronicles of life. Born in Malaysia and growing up in the country from the start has left him with the quest of seeking adventures and the desire of penning down his thoughts at a very early age. However, before his interest as a writer, his mindset inclined more towards other plans.

Back in 2009, Nick Lai lived the success of his online venture while teaming up with two of his partners. The venture was engendered for an online affiliated program and lasted for two years. The subsequent idea for the venture was directed in 2012 after the end of the partnership and initiation of an online design and development firm. The buzz of the successful idea enabled him to hit his first million. His relentless quest to relive his love for writing grew after the tales of successful ventures. Nick explained, “I always felt I wanted to do more, so I turned back to writing, and it has been one delightful journey so far.” Following his admiration for writing, he started managing the basic topic research, content strategies and editing texts and manuscripts.

Continuing the hold of writing, a leading digital marketing conference became a turning point and an eye-opener for Lai when he witnessed the vast potential of digital marketing in the world of living online presence. Intrigued by the magical influence of digital resources, he gradually started building foundations of his agency by leveraging the wonders of digital advancements which finally helped him to set up the full-service Malaysia’s top Digital Marketing Agency, in 2016.

Nick Lai, with his agency, aimed at transforming the brand’s virtual presence right from ideation to execution. The agency is best known for offering the trendiest and new-age digital marketing solutions for thriving brands, which mostly includes Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. While innovation acts as an accelerator for the agency, the expert team strives to align the groundbreaking strategies with the needs of the brands. The agency’s unique blend of services and goal conversions game runs high which constantly ensures to shelf countless ideas for making great things happen!

Since the inception, Nick and partners are proud owners of three offices now, which are ceaselessly evolving in Malaysia, Hong Kong and India and are nurtured by an enthusiastic team of 48 employees and growing. Holding the majority of shares in  Nickmetrics group, it is one of the vibrantly gleaming groups with successful white label software house, used cars showroom,  restaurant and bar, and even insurance start-up. Nick mentions, ” NickMetrics Group has come a long way, and I’m not stopping there. We’re about to set up a new venture about personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines, and we look forward to deploying around 100 machines all over Malaysia by 2021.”

Not limited to specific industry focus, was another most comprehensive Malaysia’s Online Auto Insurance Comparison Website by the Nickmetrics group of companies that has been developing a connection between insurance and consumer to insure them with better-informed decisions and facilitating them to make smart and easier insurance purchases. While offering consumers with unbiased comparison for auto insurance, according to Nick Lai, it is to majorly to save the hassle of consumers from the details and technical processes of auto insurance.

Seeking the advantage of growth and exposure, Lai is positive about elucidating the world through his best series of publishes, MummyJene,, and Nickmetrics blog. Believing in his power of writing and entrepreneurial journey, he speaks, “there’s so much out there I plan to try out, but it’s all in the plans. Through writing and any entrepreneurial adventure I take on, my goal is to change the world, I plan to become even better, not just professionally but also personally, and writing gave me the voice to reach out to the world.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Nick Lai – Mastering Digital Age With Malaysia’s Best Digital Marketing Agency
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