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Advice on how to make the most of your vacation


When you are off work, you have all the time to relax and recharge your batteries. A day or two off every week is essential in order to recover, relax, and restore your body’s physical power. The same thing applies to the annual vacation when you might leave work for a couple of weeks or even a month. Useless as it may sound, its significance is crucial. It protects your physical and mental health, plus it even makes you more productive when you return to work. If you give yourself some credit and really focus on your vacation, you will surprisingly make a hell of a comeback. Below you may find some helpful tricks to make the most out of this experience.

  1. Go somewhere far
    If you have three weeks off, it would be silly to spend it at home. We do not only suggest taking a trip, but it better be a long one. Make sure you choose an exotic destination or a place you have never been to and always wanted to visit. The change of the scenery, the natural landscape, and the cultural gap will fill your heart with new experiences. Repetition of a daily routine is not only dull but also makes the mind lazy. The alertness that changes offer is essential and healing. Considering that nowadays traveling has become so economical, you shouldn’t even think about it. Don’t forget there are numerous places out there, and you will possibly not even have the chance to see half of the world within a lifetime.

  2. Avoid technology
    Or, in other words ”Don’t work”. It may sound silly, but the gist of the interaction with technology is that we often end up working without even realizing it. The easy access to our emails through our cellphone has made it nearly impossible to really detox from work. Stress keeps coming up, and colleagues or cooperators will not respect your privacy unless you make it clear to them that this time you are not here to help. This will only happen if you ignore their emails as long as you have already informed them that you will not be at their disposal for a few weeks. Alarms are forbidden, and anything that reminds you of the clock ticking is undoubtedly frowned upon. Even spending time just over the screen of your mobile will deprive you of the fun of the vacation.

  3. Spoil yourself
    Vacation is about relaxing and having a good time. Providing yourself with all that you sincerely want is a sign of love towards your inner child. If there are things you are usually not allowed to do, this is your chance to do them. Also, if you are forced to do something during a typical day at work, forget about it. Diets, daily workouts, or even making a hard effort to read a book are not allowed in the magic life you decided to live during your vacation. Don’t hesitate to overdo it. You can have one more drink and dive into the sin of devouring a cake. Add some hugs to the company of your vacation, whether it is your family, your beloved one, or your friends. You won’t regret these drops of happiness in your break.

  4. Try something new
    That is right; what would vacations be like if you didn’t try something you’ve never done before. Have you thought about what separates an adult from a young child? Every experience in life is new for a small kid simply because they haven’t done it before. Everything is fresh, and this adds a sense of mystery and excitement to your trip. You can go all the way up to the other side of the globe, but if you take your habits and routine with you, don’t expect anything to change. Whether you ride a horse, try sky-diving, or just snorkelling, the outcome will be the same. From wild to simple things, as long as you haven’t tried them before, you will be amazed at how they will be printed in your memory.

  5. Meet new people
    Socializing with people from other cultures has a lot to offer and is a crucial component to your overall positive experience. If you choose a tourist destination, the people who will be there to host you are usually familiar with foreigners, and they will probably be very open to hanging out with you. You can have the chance to talk about different things and open your horizons. If you think about it, they are probably curious about getting in touch with your world also. Suppose the opportunity arises and you finally reach the freedom you want to reach. In that case, you can go wild and share new experiences with them. Who knows, you may even end up gaining valuable friends!

Written by Anna Siampani.

Anna Siampani
Anna Siampani, Lifestyle Editorial Director at the CEOWORLD magazine, working with reporters covering the luxury travel, high-end fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. As lifestyle editorial director, Anna oversees CEOWORLD magazine's daily digital editorial operations, editing and writing features, essays, news, and other content, in addition to editing the magazine's cover stories, astrology pages, and more. You can reach Anna by mail at
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