CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Dr. Kambiz Sadraei Shares How The Medical Industry Can Thrive in Changing Times

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Dr. Kambiz Sadraei Shares How The Medical Industry Can Thrive in Changing Times

  • Numerous conventional industries had to re-invent during the current pandemic: Dentistry is no different
  • Dr. Kambiz Sadraei serves as a class example of how this industry can adapt to change to better serve local communities
  • 4 Key steps are outlined for thriving during changing times – with the main focus being on community centricity 

Dr. Kambiz Sadraei (known as @drkambizsadraei) explains his working philosophy, how innovative techniques and having the latest dental equipment grows customer loyalty and how personalisation with the patient can be vital. Ultimately, this is how he disrupts the business of dentistry in North America.

How did he grow his private practice, while simultaneously boosting his community in El Paso, Texas during difficult COVID-19 times? Read on to discover just how:

When one hears the word “dentist” images of trays of equipment, the dreaded white chair and the clinical smell in the room may come to mind. You may even clench your jaw as you remember your last visit. However, what comes to mind with the words “the business of dentistry”? If you thought of it as a multibillion-dollar industry in the US, with practitioners operating cutting-edge technology and carrying out life-changing treatments, then you would be spot on.

It is a highly competitive market, with dentists aiming at establishing their individual (and business) reputations to customers to pave the way for long and fruitful professions. However, nobody seems to be more on top of the industry and understand how to build your dentistry career than Dr Kambiz Sadraei. Here is a look at how he became one of the most prestigious facial aesthetic and cosmetic dentists in North America today and his views on the business of dentistry.

Dr Sadraei’s philosophy towards his patients (and how this grew his business) 

After growing up in Los Angeles, California and attending dental school in Michigan, Dr Kambiz Sadraei aspired to set up his own practice. Today, he has set up two thriving practices. They are both named Divine Dental Spa and can be found in El Paso, Texas. Here, along with his competent staff, patients can receive all sorts of dental treatments as it is well equipped. The practitioners are able to perform general, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, and even dental surgery at Kambiz’s practices. There is no need to be admitted to hospital; this element of convenience (and the less expensive costs) are attractive to his clients.

Customer service at Divine Dental Spa

But what makes them so prosperous? Dr Kambiz attributes his business’ successes to providing excellent customer service. There are many contributing factors that make the patient’s overall experience that bit better. By offering his specialised skills, advanced technology and his welcoming bedside manner, Dr Kambiz believes this built his reputation (and client list). Kambiz prioritises providing quality care to his patients over his own financial gain and this is something his patients know (and admire).

His commitment to the community 

He has built successfully a long list of loyal and returning customers during his years of practice. But this was not achieved lightly. By being both personally and professionally heavily invested in his community, Dr. Sadraei laid the foundation for his reputation in the industry. Along with supporting various charities, the devoted dentist offers complimentary dental care to patients with cancer or survivors. Due to the exorbitant costs that traditionally come with receiving treatment for cancer, Dr. Sadraei wanted to help his community. And for three years, this is precisely what he has been doing (although he has been practicing for years prior).

The latest technology put Dr Kambiz’s business at the forefront of the industry

Patients take note of what sort of equipment is in the room. Mostly the sharpest tools frighten us the most, but it undoubtedly installs a level of trust and confidence that the doctor is well equipped to perform the treatment. Dr. Sadraei is constantly researching and utilizing the latest technology and innovations that disrupt the dentistry sector. In order to stay on top of the industry, he would have to.

Digital innovations and new technologies lead to the continuous development of the dentist industry. By implementing these new technologies and dental techniques, dental practitioners are able to streamline procedures. By creating a more comfortable and less invasive experience for the patient, increases the possibilities of them returning to the practice which in turn grows the business. By utilizing the latest technology (whether for adults or children) this, in turn, communicates the professional development of a dental practitioner to the patient which again installs trust, confidence, and ultimately, loyalty.

Moreover, equipping the rooms with the latest technology (and by offering skills of newer, better techniques) help you to stand out among competitors. Dr Kambiz acknowledges the competitiveness of the industry and how important it is to differentiate yourself. An example of the innovative technology used in the dentist sector is the CEREC CAD/CAM machine. Both of his practices in El Paso have it installed. Not only can it manufacture dental prosthesis in one visit, but it also assists in the planning and investigating of non-invasive dental implants.

Make it personal

In an industry that can be thought of often as cold and clinical, Dr. Sadraei encourages his staff (and himself) to make patient-interactions more personal and welcoming. By nurturing his relationships with his patients and the community, Dr. Sadraei is able to establish a connection that reflects on his business. His dedication to his patients (particularly those battling/surviving cancer), accompanied with the attitude of placing his patients’ needs above his own economic ones, cemented Dr. Sadraei and his businesses in El Paso. On top of this, Dr Sadraei focuses his practice on offering the Buccal Fat Pad Reduction surgery (basic liposuction for your face). He remains the only cosmetic dentist to offer this surgery in North America.

When asked what inspired him to become a cosmetic dentist Dr. Sadraei told International Business Times: “I think the eyes and the smile are the most important features in anyone’s face, and I love the fact that I can transform someone’s smile into a matter of weeks using cosmetic dentistry”.  Therefore, it is no surprise that Dr. Kambiz Sadraei should be regarded as operating a pioneering practice in his state. In combination with implementing innovative techniques and mastering skills, Dr. Sadraei, along with his staff, is leading the way in the dental industry.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Dr. Kambiz Sadraei Shares How The Medical Industry Can Thrive in Changing Times
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