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5 Points to Remember Before Signing Up For An Overseas Education Consultants

The decision to study abroad is perhaps one of the biggest decisions in a student’s life. The ramifications of the decision are wide and impactful resulting in dramatic changes in the way we live and perceive things. A daunting aspect of this is the selection of the right university, right course, right scholarships, and everything else that ensures our stability in a foreign land. Of course, the Internet is flooded with information and advice regarding the same, but nothing works better than an overseas education consultancy. The easiest and quickest way to explore overseas educational options is to consult professionals who will do the job for you in consideration of money, obviously.

That being said, investing in an overseas education consultancy is itself a commitment and you will not want to go wrong with it. You must tread cautiously and only hire those consultants whom you have trust in. How to find such people? Well, I can tell you what you should see in an overseas education consultant. Whether you are a parent or a student, these tips will only help in making the right moves. So, let us go and find out what you should be doing.

  1. Know the credentials of the consultancy
    Education consultancy is a thriving business which means there are many options to explore. This also means that there will be many bogus entities and people posing as professionals. It is not a cheap investment in education consultancy so you will have to be doubly sure that the person you are hiring is cut out for the job. Check the background; do not rely solely on what they tell or show you. Many consultants claim to have associations with foreign universities so you might want to contact these universities to verify. Ask your friends or colleagues who might help you gather information. Other things you should check includes awards received, accreditation details, visa success rates, and others.
  2. Not just a profit-making endeavor
    In the follow-up to the above point, you must only hire consultants who are eager to offer suggestions best suited to the candidate rather than sell admissions to the universities they have tie-ups with. You must engage in lengthy conversations with these people to assess their amenability to address the candidate’s requirements, offer multiple options to choose from, flexibility with the moods of the candidate, etc. A consultant should be able to smartly take into consideration how much a particular candidate will be able to invest in overseas education. The welfare of the candidate should be the topmost priority.
  3. Openness in the manner of operations
    Red flags are everywhere when the consultant is evasive about answers or does not reveal all the necessary information. As a client, you are entitled to certain information from them: associations with universities, consultancy fees, assurance regarding scholarships, visa success rates, and others. There must be a continuous and transparent flow of information from them to you. If they are evasive about anything, it is a warning sign and you should consider withdrawing as soon as possible. Many consultancies are ready to rob you by giving you false information and fantastical hopes.
  4. Your Say is the one that matters the most
    Of course, there will be consultants who will act know-it-all and try to sell any information to you. There may be instances where they will try to impose their suggestions on you. Remember that it is people like you for whom these consultants work. Their job is to find the best course of action for you so they cannot do anything without your consent. If you don’t like to choose a particular recommended course, they cannot force you to do that. The moment consultants begin exercising control on your decisions you should not continue your cooperation with them.
  5. Keep all the paperwork
    You must not proceed without the necessary paperwork. Read all their terms and conditions before agreeing to hire them. Many people callously read through these terms and miss out on important details that later come to haunt them. Make sure you have entered into an enforceable agreement with the consultancy. Everything must be written down so that there is a method to all the work being done.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - 5 Points to Remember Before Signing Up For An Overseas Education Consultants
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