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Types of coats to add to your wardrobe for the winters of 2020

Fall is upon us. Winter is coming. That means you’ll soon have to dress in layers to protect yourself from the harsh cold. So, it’s time to keep your coats ready.

All the coats look the same, but there are some distinctions. But which of them are trending? Which coats should you have in your wardrobe?

The list of coats you must add to your wardrobe for the winter of 2020 are:

  1. Duffle coats
    Duffle coats are named so because they are made of duffle, a coarse woolen material originating in Antwerp in Belgium. They are best known for their toggle fastenings.

    You can wear a duffle coat to casual as well as formal occasions. Neutral-colored duffle coats are a safe option. But if you like taking risks, other colors can turn a simple outfit into a head-turner.

  2. Cocoon coats
    The cocoon coat is the comfiest coat on this list, thanks to its wide cut. It does not cinch at the waist. If you still want the snug fit, some cocoon coats do have belts.

    Regardless of whether you’re wearing jeans, a dress, or a skirt, a cocoon coat looks great with anything. It is the most versatile coat on this list.  Try to stick to neutral colors like beige, black, and gray.

  3. Trench coats
    The trench coat is arguably the most classic coat on this list. It is an elegant coat that you can pair with business clothing or jeans.

    You can pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit. If you’re looking for less casual attire, wear it with jeans and heels. So, the trench coat is pretty versatile.

    The classic trench coat comes with belts that you can tighten for a snug fit. The modern ones are buttoned.

  4. Blazer-style wool coats
    Wool coats are a timeless piece. Regardless of what you wear underneath, the blazer-styled wool coat makes you look sophisticated. You’ll often see them in solid colors like black, camel, grey, or white, but they look good even in plaid and stripes.
    These wool coats are perfect for slightly formal occasions. Think business casuals and church dresses. They go well with jeans, too.
  5. Puffer coats
    If you live in a cold region, you already have a handful of these. Puffer coats are made of synthetic materials because they offer better insulation than natural materials.
    Puffers come in a variety of lengths and colors. If you already have the very common black puffer, you should get yourself another one in neutral colors. Beige, cream, and tan are great options. With each passing year, the puffers are getting more fashionable. They are perfect if you are looking for a sporty look.

    The Best Puffer coats:

    1) Brunello Cucinelli Coat Gray Velvet Puffer.
    2) BURBERRY Ladies Slim Fit Hooded Puffer Coat.
    3) SAM. Women’s Highway Shaped Long Down Puffer Coat.
    4) SAM. Women’s Highway Shaped Long Down Puffer Coat, black.
    5) Steel master Black Lightweight Slim Fit Packable Down Jacket Long Jackets Hooded Puffer Coats for Women.

  6. Teddy coats
    Teddy coats are a trend at the moment. They are an excellent option for a casual outing like a date or a meetup.People have been shopping for teddy coats in animal prints and solid colors this season. You have the option to buy full-length coats or short jackets. A teddy coat is the most comfortable coat you can buy. It keeps you warm without giving you the fluffy appearance a fur coat gives.

    The Best Teddy coats:

    1) Tommy Hilfiger White Teddy Long Coat
    2) Reiss Grey Sky Wool Blend Teddy Coat
    3) French Connection Danitanna Faux Fur Coat
    4) UGG Camel Hattie Long Oversized Teddy Coat

  7. Fur-lined coats.
    These coats are often lined with faux fur. You can button or zip these coats right up to the chin to protect the face from the cold. Fur feels a lot better on the skin than other synthetic materials. The softer the fur, the more the coat costs. Unlike a fur coat, a fur-lined coat does not make you look stocky as it is only lined by fur. They may look retro, but they also make you look more sumptuous. Fur-lined coats are perfect for fall and should be fine if it doesn’t get too cold in winter.

    The Best Fur Lined Coats:
    1) skandinavikfur Silver Fox Fur Coat 3/4 Length Hooded Fully Let Out.
    2) Arctic Frost Fox Fur Coat.
    3) Mackage Kay Mid Length Classic Down Coat With Fur Collar.
    4) Denny & Dora Womens Warm Hooded Sheepskin Shearling Jacket Coat.
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