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Here Are The Best Pandemic Related Documentaries

Pandemic! This word creates terror in people’s minds, the latest being COVID-19 that has spread globally. Then, there are people who are interested in presenting the facts of such pandemic in front of people in form of movies/documentaries, and to your knowledge, COVID-19 is not the only pandemic the world has faced. Here is a list of top pandemic related documentaries that are a must-watch.

  1. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak
    Released in January 2020, this documentary is regarding the spread of influenza and how doctors and scientists all over the world are determined and engaged in finding a vaccine for the virus. It predominantly focuses on finding the vaccine for the pandemic and how the frontline workers are struggling for the same. Besides, finding the vaccine, it also exhibits how the scientists are working towards making the anti-flu vaccine accessible to developing countries.

  2. The Coming Pandemic
    This documentary was out in the year 2005 that showed the probability and potential of a major pandemic to affect/kill millions of people. It had the sole motive to exhibit the transformation of an influenza virus that would kill millions of birds, animals, and humans throughout Asia. Some believe it was about the novel 2009 H1N1 outbreak whereas others believe it was about the widespread COVID-19 outbreak.
  3. Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague
    Released in the year 2010, this documentary ‘Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague’ explores the lesser known smallpox epidemic that almost destroyed Montreal in the year 1885. Now, you must be wondering how it did happen when its vaccination was invented way back in 1796! Well, the reason is that the people of Montreal were resistant to try the vaccination, and eventually, 3200 people lost their lives in this pandemic. Though it was not much devastating, it was just a small trailer of the current scenario.

  4. Unseen Enemy
    This 2017 documentary by CNN focused on three crucial pandemics, namely Zika, Influenza, and Ebola. Not just describing the epidemics, it peeped at the reasons that let this outbreak become widespread. That came out with the two obvious reasons, one being the extensive growth of population and the second one being the enhanced traveling, both domestic as well as international.

  5. Virus Empire: From SARS to Ebola
    This 2009 documentary jumped into the outbreaks of illnesses like SARS and Ebola. If watched before 2020, this could educate people about the potential impact of and in preventing the outbreak of COVID-19. Such outbreaks literally killed more people than the number went in any war. The producers and the whole team did their best in exhibiting the risk of casualties from such deadly viruses.

  6. Ebola: The Story
    This documentary is all about the Ebola virus that created huge damage worldwide, especially the West African countries. Between 2013 and 2016, approximately 11,325 people were killed globally due to this outbreak. At that time, 40 percent of the infected West Africans were expected to die from this disease. People from overseas might not know the devastating effects of this disease but it was really traumatized to those who were affected. While making this documentary, the team met the affected people and interviewed them about its repercussions in their lives.

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